Energy savings for the check out

With nearly 200 stores to support on his own, the energy manager of a national building supplies retailer needed to be ruthlessly efficient with his time. The company invested £40,000 in new Automatic Meter Reading meters and £8,000 in Energy View, to help the energy manager focus his attention where it was needed the most.

  1. He prioritised stores where Energy View shows high or unusual patterns of energy use.
  2. He used Energy View reports to show the managers of the prioritised stores where they could save energy.
  3. Energy View’s league tables let stores check whether they were on target, and how they were performing compared to their colleagues.

As a result, the retailer’s energy use fell by 11% overall – and 18% in the prioritised stores – in just 18 months. This translates to a saving of £100,000 – recovering more than twice the original investment.