Cannington Court

Bridgwater College planned to incorporate Cannington Court, a Grade 1 listed building, into a new training facility. The College, EDF Energy and Heritage Officers worked together to make the refurbishment as sustainable as possible while preserving the protected parts of the building.

The partners agreed that Cannington Court needed to generate as much of its own electricity, hot water, heating and cooling as possible using renewable energy sources.

The system we designed uses:

  • a combination of ground source heat pumps and solar thermal technology for efficient heating and cooling
  • solar photovoltaic technology to generate electricity.

Coupling these technologies in such a way was an innovation tested in our R&D centre. And as a result renewable energy will fulfil 100% of the refurbished Cannington Court’s heating needs.

Overall, the refurbishment will halve the building’s carbon footprint. As well as generating renewable energy, the project involves:

  • improving the fabric of the building so less energy is lost or wasted
  • installing new mechanical and electrical systems to deliver energy to where it’s needed much more efficiently.