Audit supports action

The operator of a public sector training camp on the north-west coast of England wanted to:

  • reduce its energy bill
  • reduce its carbon footprint
  • make its energy supply more secure.

EDF Energy carried out a two-day energy audit, which identified six opportunities to make the camp more energy efficient. The operator picked two of these measures to start with:

  • installing a solar photovoltaic system capable of generating 49.9 kilowatts of electricity at peak performance
  • upgrading the camp’s outside lighting with energy-efficient LEDs.

These two measures mean the camp not only uses less energy, but is also entitled to Feed-in Tariff payments – a government incentive for generating renewable energy. The savings plus the extra income add up to a saving of about £17,000 a year. The project should pay for itself in less than 10 years.