Choices 2021

Thanks for your engagement during the 2021 myRetirement Choices exercise, which closed at 17.00 on Tuesday 15 June.

If you’ve chosen to join myRetirement Plan from 1 July 2021 you’ll be able to access your information on myBenefits from 1 August 2021 where you’ll be able to change your contribution tier, your Target Retirement Age and your investment strategy. In the meantime, you can also find out more about myRetirement Plan.

Before you join, there are three important decisions for you to make by 17:00 on 15 June 2021:

  • When you’ll join myRetirement Plan
  • How much you’d like to contribute
  • How you’d like to receive your transition payment

We recognise this may be the first time you’ve needed to make choices about your future retirement savings, so we’ve provided various support materials which are available on this page.

For full details of the options available to you and how you can make your choices, please read the choices guide.

You’ll be able to see the financial impact of your options and explore and confirm your choices using a modeller that has been created just for this choices window.

Watch this animated video for a quick overview of your pension choices

Choices Modeller demo

L&G microsite tour

Short service guide

Future Retirement Planning

If you’re interested in understanding more about defined contribution (DC) pensions there are now five, self-service videos, from the Independent Financial Advisor we’ve partnered with, Origen. These cover topics you may wish to consider both now and into the future. You don't need to watch these before making myRetirement Plan choices, but they are helpful when considering future retirement planning. They'll continue to be available after the choices phase closes.

Watch video: Transition to DC What does it mean to me

Considerations when moving to a Defined Contribution Scheme – this is an introduction to DC pensions covering contributions, pension taxation, investments, and death benefits.

Watch video: Changes to Risk benefits

Changes to Risk Benefits – this covers how death in service and ill-health provision change going forward.

Watch video: Freedom of Choice - Pensions Choices 2021

Pension – Freedom of Choice – this covers what benefits and what to consider when looking to take pension benefits from a defined contribution pension scheme plus taking into account other pension benefits you may also have.

Watch video: Investments Focused

Investment (focused) opportunities – this covers understanding investment risk, the choices available and the need to perform regular reviews;

Watch video: What to consider moving to DC

The importance of planning after changes to your retirement benefits – this covers aspects in relation to the transition from a defined benefits pension scheme to a defined contribution one.