Welcome to EDF

Welcome to EDF and congratulations on becoming an EDF employee.

EDF continues to grow, allowing a diverse mix of employees to come together from a variety of backgrounds which enriches the organisation and makes it flourish. 

This is where your future begins


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Our workforce is what makes EDF a successful business and a great place to work, we believe in creating an organisation that feels connected.

This area has been created for you to explore and start to build your understanding on what, where and how EDF operate.

We hope that this information will help build a solid foundation of knowledge and empower you to look towards the future with a clearer understanding of our goals and visions as an organisation.   

Have fun learning and welcome to EDF .

Our locations in the UK and across the world

Our Key Areas Of Focus

EDF in the community

Our charity partnership

Our partnership with Prostate Cancer UK is helping to support men and their families across the UK, now and for future generations. 

Education programmes

Inspiring young people is at the heart of our educational strategy, and it is through a number of educational programmes we help children understand that a low carbon, secure and affordable energy supply is vital for the future.

Plan a visit

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at an operational power station? EDF has eight purpose-built visitor centres across the UK, each exploring how electricity is created in a fun and interactive way.