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Welcome to EDF and congratulations on becoming an EDF employee.

EDF continues to grow, allowing a diverse mix of employees to come together from a variety of backgrounds which enriches the organisation and makes it flourish. 

This is where your future begins


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Our workforce is what makes EDF a successful business and a great place to work, we believe in creating an organisation that feels connected.

This area has been created for you to explore and start to build your understanding on what, where and how EDF operate.

We hope that this information will help build a solid foundation of knowledge and empower you to look towards the future with a clearer understanding of our goals and visions as an organisation.   

Have fun learning and welcome to EDF .

Our locations in the UK and across the world

80 Victoria Street


Barnwood Nuclear Generation



Bridgwater C Campus

Bridgwater College


Cannington Park and Ride

Central London

Cottam & West Burton



Dungeness Power Station

East Kilbride


Hartlepool Power Station

Hartlepool Power Station, Hartlepool


Heysham 1 & 2 Power Stations

Heysham Power Station

Hinkley Point

Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point C On-Site Accommodation Campus

Hinkley Point, Somerset


Hunterston Power Station

Junction 23 Park and Ride and Freight Management Centre

Lancaster & Morecambe College

Power station - Cottam

Cottam and West Burton A are coal-fired power stations near Retford in Nottinghamshire, capable of generating enough electricity for approximately 7.5 million UK homes. 

Our Key Areas Of Focus

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Diversity & inclusion

We’re about the people who work with us. We celebrate their diversities and embrace the value that their differences bring. We believe that a culture of inclusion forms the basis of a truly sustainable business and is vital to shaping a strong and fresh-thinking organisation.

Better for customers

Our ambition is to be better than anyone else at solving our customers’ energy needs. We will achieve this by doing the basics brilliantly, whilst caring for the most vulnerable in society, and seizing the opportunities that demand for digital will offer; including digital energy efficiency solutions. 

Excellence in nuclear

We are currently in a transitional phase to a diverse low-carbon energy future where we believe nuclear and renewables have a key part to play. We aim to incorporate sustainability principles and standards into all stages of the generating lifecycle to ensure we design, construct, operate and decommission our generating assets safely and responsibly. Our aim is to be world leaders in the field of nuclear operational excellence, and we are committed to addressing environmental, financial and stakeholder expectations.

People as a force for good

We know that what we do has a lasting impact on people’s lives so we are investing in training and job creation, skills and education programmes. We want to be at the forefront of the UK’s long-term industrial transformation, and in doing so, help to close the equality gaps that we see in our society today. An investment in people is an investment in our country and our company’s future – whether it’s creating thousands of job opportunities or reaching out to our communities through our visitor centres. 

Strong finance and ethics

We are working to give back to society, share the value we create and help to grow the economy we all depend on. We provide an essential service to society and it’s important that we do this in a responsible way. We want to be a better kind of energy company – one that thinks long-term and does business fairly and openly. That is why our ambition is to achieve a strong financial and ethical performance. We have made this central to how we do business.

Leading decarbonisation

We believe in a decarbonised future and are committed to leading the UK’s transition to a safe, low-carbon energy system. The Climate Change Act in 2008 committed the UK Government to reduce carbon emissions by at least 80% of 1990 levels by 2050. In 2016, the UK renewed this commitment when it ratified the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. By 2050, low-carbon nuclear and renewables will fulfil most of our electricity needs. As the UK’s largest low-carbon generator, EDF Energy is helping to enable this future.

EDF in the community

Our charity partnership

Our partnership with Prostate Cancer UK is helping to support men and their families across the UK, now and for future generations. 

Education programmes

Inspiring young people is at the heart of our educational strategy, and it is through a number of educational programmes we help children understand that a low carbon, secure and affordable energy supply is vital for the future.

Plan a visit

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at an operational power station? EDF has eight purpose-built visitor centres across the UK, each exploring how electricity is created in a fun and interactive way.

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