Project Management opportunities at Hinkley Point C

Hinkley Point C is a distinctive development of unrivalled scale and complexity. Based on the north Somerset Coast, it’s the first nuclear power station to be built in Britain in a generation. Capable of delivering safe, secure and affordable low carbon electricity to six-million homes / 7% of UK electricity for over 60 years, demonstrating our commitment to securing the UK’s energy future.

Hinkley Point C is a one-of-a-kind construction. Over the course of its ten-year development it will provide truly unique opportunities for talented and ambitious Project Managers – like you – to take their career to new heights.

Senior Project Manager: Be the one to create it

Leadership. Direction. Value. As Senior Project Manager, you’ll demonstrate all of these qualities and more as you lead our programme of activity across the full life cycle of delivery of contracts and work packages. As our on-site project expert, you’ll drive the success of our project by:

  • Managing a major contract or contracts typically over £50m in value
  • Leading and mentoring between 5-8 direct reports; ensuring high levels of performance across the business using a matrix team
  • The contract / contracts managed by the Senior Project Manager may involve between 200-1,000 contractor staff and numerous external stakeholders
  • Implementing strategies to ensure tasks are completed in line with the programme execution plan (PEP).

You’ll be an adaptable leader with strong influencing skills and gravitas, helping you to develop robust partnerships with EDF Group in France and the Hinkley Point C Construction Team. Drawing on your technical qualifications and extensive project management experience, you’ll ensure the highest standard of delivery across your entire project portfolio. Your dedication and foresightedness will inspire excellence across the business, ensuring your team secure the success of Hinkley Point C.

This is big career opportunity. 

Project Manager: Be the one to deliver it

Driven. Credible. Trusted. As Project Manager, you’ll thrive in this challenging environment, delivering contracts and packages of work across our diverse programme. You’ll be responsible for:

  • Leading a team of 5-8 direct reports and a matrix team; ensuring outcomes are produced in line with the programme execution plan (PEP)
  • Managing contracts of between £250k-£50m
  • Partnering with on-site contractors, where necessary, to ensure project goals are achieved.

You’ll have a strong eye for detail and demonstrate exceptional organisational skills. You’ll work steadfastly to safeguard our future, taking responsibility for every aspect of your assigned contract or work package.

This is big career progression.

Assistant Project Manager: Be the one to influence it

Ambitious. Competent. Dedicated. As an Assistant Project Manager, you’ll be exposed to all phases of project delivery. You’ll support the Programme Management team in the delivery of contracts by:

  • Managing information systems; ensuring our project controls office receive consistent quality output
  • Maintaining compliance with agreed procedures
  • Building relationships with key statutory stakeholders
  • Overseeing auditable project documentation and reporting
  • Supporting budgetary management and contractor strategies.

You’ll be a technically able, commercially minded individual with experience working on diverse projects. Adaptable and outgoing, you’ll establish lasting relationships with a broad range of stakeholders. Passionate about developing your skills, you’ll also be working toward membership at the Association of Project Management or considering this as your next step.

This is just the start. 

Who we're looking for

The Hinkley Point C project is a large and complex development. To make it happen, we need strong leaders and expert decision-makers that thrive in challenging and changeable situations.

Your background might be in Civil Works, Engineering, Construction, Roads & Networks, Transport & Logistics, Petrochemical or Renewables, but regardless of the industry you’re from, you’ll be a fiercely ambitious individual with unrivalled Project Management acumen.

At the Senior Project Manager level you’ll have sophisticated technical and transformational knowledge. You’ll be a strong influencer with extensive experience of leading similar large-scale projects that span internationally. As a natural leader, you’ll inspire your team to consistently deliver the highest standards.

At the Project Manager level you’ll demonstrate experience managing and delivering large-scale projects of similar scope. You’ll have excellent communication skills, with proven experience developing relationships with a wide range of stakeholders. 

At the Assistant Project Manager level you’ll be both driven and technically able. It’s likely that you’ll have Project Management experience from another sector, but ultimately, your quick-thinking and adaptable nature will allow you to develop in your new role rapidly.

Our Project Managers will share a drive to lead and deliver one of the most exciting projects in a generation. No matter your level of experience, you’ll open new doors to exciting development opportunities unlike any other.

Project overview

The Hinkley Point C project is the first in a new generation of nuclear power stations in the UK. In addition to providing the UK with safe, secure and low carbon electricity for the future, Hinkley Point C will create 25,000 employment opportunities.

Since the final go-ahead in late 2016, Hinkley Point C Construction has fully mobilised with over 2,800 workers on site every day. EDF Energy has also invested almost £15 million into local colleges, training and education programmes to ensure we equip tomorrow’s workforce with the right skills.

And, we’re making excellent progress in other areas too. Since the project commenced we’ve successfully;

  • Excavated three million cubic metres of soil and rock to prepare for the build
  • Built the first two of the circa 50 tower cranes to be erected on the site.
  • Started construction of our on-site accommodation and off site worker campuses
  • Excavated 4.5 Million cubic meters of earth and rock and we’ve already mixed and poured 100,000 cubic meters of concrete, with  1,400,000 cubic meters left to complete.
  • Awarded 64% of contracts to UK companies
  • Started construction of a 500m temporary jetty in the Bristol Channel and of our on-site accommodation and sea wall.

Janetta, Mechanical Erection Project Manager MEH Programme

I started my career as a project engineer some 17 years ago. This was on one of the international oil and gas projects in Russia where I’m originated from and I have since had an opportunity to work all over the world for such major companies as Gazprom, ENI Agip and Total. The work brought me to other locations like Italy, Angola and France.

13 years ago I changed my role and started working as a contract manager for oil and gas offshore and onshore services/installations. The two recent Total’s deep-water megaprojects in Angola’s offshore were a great adventure, although due to the difficulties the oil and gas industry started facing in 2014, I had to switch to an alternative industry and the Nuclear seemed a very attractive option!

This brought me to the EDF France when I started working as the HPC Engineering Lead for the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) contract and where met professional and enthusiastic people both on the EDF France and on the EDF Energy/NNB sides. Family-wise, my husband who has been working for the EDF France and me, we were both looking for an expat opportunity to discover new horizons, meet new challenges and try new roles. Saying that, we expatriated to Bristol in August 2017 when I successfully passed my EDF Energy PM assessment.

I formally joined the EDF Energy in November 2017 and I’m very happy and proud to work once again on this outstanding and challenging project! Although the Project Manager role brings more responsibilities and challenges, I should say that the teams are very helpful and united. There, where you’re not able to cope on your own, you’ll always get advice from the entire team and this is of a vital importance! 

Nicola, Pre-construction Planning Lead

I’ve been with EDF Energy for 17 years, 5 of these were as an expat working and living in France at our Engineering Design Centre in Paris and then an assignment to Flamanville 3 working on the new build project there. When I started as a graduate, it was this kind of project that attracted me, everything on Hinkley Point C is new. I’ve never had such a hard job, but I love it. It’s so far from the humdrum 9-5. It’s that blank canvas element.

The opportunity to create something. We’re developing processes, defining contracts, delivering design or manufacture or construction. It’s constantly moving and constantly progressing. And you can’t get any bigger than the biggest construction project in Europe. It’s exciting, its dynamic and you learn so much. I am a mum of two and I feel like I’ve had my cake and am eating it. I have real balance between a lovely family life and an amazing project like this.

I was given lots of training to bring my engineering expertise into a Project Manager role. So I want to show that technical roles are not just for blokes and engineers. Last year, I even won a prize for Women in Construction and Engineering.

Where we're based

Our Bristol offices will be a centre of excellence for new nuclear in the UK, attracting supply chain partners based in and across the region. Hinkley Point C's Delivery Command Centre, will bring significant investment into the city and support its development as a centre of low carbon innovation. The project will provide a £120 million annual investment into Bristol, worth over £1 billion during the life of the project, while a total of 1,500 high-quality jobs based in the surrounding area will be delivering the Hinkley Point C project.

Bristol topped the Sunday Times list of best places to live in Britain in 2017 – and it’s easy to see why. Creative, cultured and buzzing with culinary talent, there’s an unbeatable community spirit across the city. It’s also home to thriving industries, from manufacturing to media, and has a great work life balance. Bristol was also Britain’s first cycling city and has grand plans to become carbon-neutral by 2050. 

Five reasons why Hinkley Point C is changing the future of energy

  1. The urgent need for investment in low-carbon energy generation in the UK
    The UK has a legally binding emissions reduction target of 80% by 2050 vs 1990, so as much new generation as possible needs to be low carbon.
  2. The EPR is the most powerful civil nuclear reactor in the world
    With a combined capacity of 3.2GW, the two EPRs at Hinkley Point C will provide enough reliable, low carbon electricity to power 6 million homes for 60 years, providing seven percent of the UK’s electricity demand. 
  3. Hinkley Point C will deliver power in the mid-2020s, right when the country needs it
    By the end of 2030, 65 percent of the UK’s electricity generation capacity will have closed since 2010.
  4. Hinkley Point C will help strengthen the UK’s industrial stamina, creating 25,000 jobs and 1,000 apprenticeships
    UK companies will also be awarded 64 percent of the projects construction value, resulting in £1 billion per year invested into the UK economy.
  5. Hinkley Point C will help avoid the release of nine-million tonnes of CO2 each year
    That’s the equivalent of 2 million cars off the road each year.