Joining EDF Energy on one of our exciting Postgraduate programmes in R&D. You’ll not only earn the skills you need to build a great career, you’ll become part of a better energy future too.

R&D Postgraduate programme

These research opportunities give students the chance to develop their academic qualifications whilst gaining industrial experience within EDF Energy’s R&D Teams. This is a chance to innovate on behalf of our customers, developing sophisticated, real-world tools and processes, kick-starting an exciting and varied career. As well as making an immediate impact on the UK energy business, you could help take us to build new partnerships, strengthening our position in Europe and developing robust low-carbon energy solutions.

R&D Development scheme

Working with real industry experts, gaining hands-on experience within the Research and Development field and study towards a Masters level qualification, this scheme offers a promising future within the EDF Energy R&D UK Centre.

  • A relevant Undergraduate degree required
  • 2 year plus scheme