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International Women in Engineering Day

We're celebrating #INWED by shining a spotlight on some of the incredible female #InventorsandInnovators at EDF who are helping Britain achieve Net Zero.


Anna is a Civil Engineering Degree Apprentice on our Hinkley Point C project. She knows that an important part of her role as a civil engineer is to make sure that safety best practices are being adhered to. Hear more from Anna about how she ensures safety is a top priority when on site.

Meet Norma

Norma is a Nuclear Safety Engineer from Hinkley Point C who believes good engineering and safe engineering are part of the same coin. Watch to find out more about what her team does to ensure the safe operation of a nuclear power station and why diversity is so important in engineering.

Meet Genevieve

Meet Genevieve, one of the remarkable engineers who plays a vital role at Hinkley Point C. Genevieve and her team embrace their responsibility as advocates for nuclear safety. They understand that fostering a strong safety culture on-site involves not only ensuring personal well-being but also caring for the well-being of their colleagues.

#MakeSafetySeen: Women in Engineering Podcast

Megan, our Education and Outreach Lead at Hinkley Point C chatted with Nuclear Waste Processing Engineer Izzy about her engineering career & why she feels safe at work.

Meet Louise

Louise is our Defueling Project Manager at our Hunterston power station. She's embarking on a 'first' for our nuclear fleet in the UK by overseeing the defueling of the plant.

Meet Anna

Anna is our Principal Engineering Manager for the Competency Centres at EDF Renewables. She joined us after a career in the defence sector, motivated by the challenge of helping Britain achieve Net Zero.

Meet Nicola

Nicola is Head of Delivery Integration at Hinkley Point C. She knew from the age of 12 that engineering was the only job for her and her 23-year career at EDF has given her the chance to live abroad and explore different areas of the business.

"One of the things that drives me is impact"

Rebecca Vickery is the Lead Data Scientist in our Customers’ business. Find out what motivates her to #PowerTheChange and the initiatives she's launched to encourage more female engineers to pursue a career in data science.

What inspires our female engineers?

Discover more about the four female engineers we profiled for International Women in Engineering Day 2022 and what motivates them to turn up to work every day.

"You can be creative as an engineer”

Louise is committed to challenging any stereotypes in engineering – and helping young girls realise that being a doctor isn’t the only career route open to you if you enjoy science at school.

"Doing something to help tackle climate change inspires me”

Anna switched from defence to renewables as she was inspired by the challenge of helping Britain achieve Net Zero. She’s now implementing a STEM programme to inspire other women to follow a career in engineering too.

“I used to resist being called a female engineer”

Nicola knew from the age of 12 that this was the only career for her. She remains as enthusiastic about the profession 25 years on because, as she says, what other career path offers such variety?

"Diversity is hugely important in data science”

Rebecca is a huge advocate of encouraging more women to work in engineering. She’s passionate about using data science to improve people’s lives and tackle one of the biggest problems our planet faces: climate change.

#PowerTheChange Playlist

Discover what tracks inspire our female engineers in this special INWED playlist. (Spoiler alert: fans of Queen Bey or Lady Gaga will not be disappointed.)

What's it like to work at EDF?

Pay, benefits and culture

Work is just one part of our lives and at EDF we offer a generous benefits package and the opportunity to explore flexible working. Curious about driving an electric vehicle (EV)? Take advantage of our EV purchase scheme. Or perhaps you prefer two wheels, in which case, have a look at our bike to work initiative. Whatever your interests, our rewards package is here to support your wellbeing.

Diversity, inclusion and belonging

At EDF, everyone’s welcome. It’s a powerful statement of our intent to make sure we’re about the people who work with us – a rich and unique mix of backgrounds and experiences that’s vital to shaping a strong and fresh-thinking organisation like ours.

At EDF we will not tolerate any behaviour that does not uphold our Everyone’s Welcome vision.

We're helping Britain achieve Net Zero

“Being able to work somewhere where I can use my skills in a context that is able to help climate change really appealed to me” Tina, Data and Tech Graduate

We’re a responsible business and proud to be Britain’s biggest generator of zero carbon electricity. With size, age and experience, we believe we can do even more. Come and join the team and together, we’ll help Britain achieve Net Zero.