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The benefits of mentoring

By EDF | Posted March 30, 2023

We're proud to share a message from our own Young Professionals Network. At EDF, our employee networks are integral to our inclusive culture, they are open to all and support our people whilst advocating for positive change.

Mentoring can be beneficial at any stage of your career. It can help to grow your confidence, focus your career path and expand your professional network. Mentorloop is a platform at EDF where you can browse mentors and mentees based on things like experience, skills and desired outcomes.

The mentee:

Nahida Usha is a Content Assistant in the Customers business. She was born in Bangladesh and grew up in England, is learning Arabic and is about to jump out of a plane for Prostate Cancer UK! Nahida loves keeping active, walks on the beach and cats.

What did you hope to get from a mentor?

I wanted guidance and support to navigate my professional journey and hear a different perspective on the challenges I was facing.

Why did you choose Christabel?

I reached out to a few mentors and Christabel was the easiest person to speak to. She had a genuine interest and made me feel like nothing was too hard to achieve.

How often do you contact each other and how?

At first, we had weekly catch ups over Teams and after about 6 months this became fortnightly. We’ve met a couple of times and hope to have more face-to-face meet ups this year.

How has Christabel helped you?

She’s instilled confidence within me and a greater sense of perspective and resilience. It really helps to hear about her own experiences.

What advice would you give to others who are thinking of getting a mentor?

Define your goals. Be open and honest about your strengths, weaknesses and areas where you need help. This will help your mentor provide guidance that’s tailored to your situation.

The mentor:

Christabel Mensah-Stapleton is on a 12-month secondment in the People Development team. She’s married with three children, Sebastian, 9 and twins Christiana and Gabriella, 7 and is a self-confessed expert ‘den’ builder! She also loves reading and playing tennis.  

Why did you sign up to be a mentor?

I’ve always loved mentoring others and have a lot of professional and personal experiences to share. I saw Mentorloop as an opportunity to support others and finesse my mentoring skills.

How many people have you mentored and what benefits do you gain from being a mentor?

I’m mentoring two fab mentees at the moment and we’ve built a very trusting relationship which is key. It’s great for my wellbeing and I’m also learning from my mentees as I’m looking at situations from their viewpoint.

What has been your biggest success?

Supporting Nahida to get her promotion was a highlight!

What advice would you give anyone thinking of becoming a mentor?

Stop thinking and just do it! You’ll get real sense of satisfaction knowing that you’re supporting a colleague.