EDF Energy’s thermal generation assets are our Cottam and West Burton stations. With almost 45 years of generation, our coal stations still have an important role to play – together with our new Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) and Gas Storage Plants supporting an affordable and secure supply of electricity as the UK transitions to a low carbon economy. Our plan now is to secure strategic flexibility and maximise the long-term value of thermal energy within the EDF Energy portfolio.

Joining us, you’ll bring a bright new perspective to the way we do things, all while developing your skills in a challenging environment, learning from experts eager to share their knowledge with the next generation and helping the Cottam and West Burton stations achieve their full potential in the years to come. 

As our thermal operations are scaled down over the next ten years, you’ll also have every opportunity to move into other areas of the business if you wish – areas like asset development, nuclear and renewables.

Our projects

Within Coal Operations, we have a number of major future projects already in progress and are looking to recruit experienced engineers to support our efforts over the next three to four years.

The first project is focussing on the environmental upgrade of units for future demand to comply with the Industrial Emissions Directive – a major area for future projects. 

The second project is working on extending the life of the existing assets for another 10 years of operation. That means replacing the main high pressure steam pipe work and components, as well as the partial replacement of turbines and the potential replacement of the unit control system on one of the sites. 

Coal Operations detail

Operations / Maintenance

This area is made up of a mix of high-level engineering roles, shift operations and production performance support. Whichever role you join us in, your focus will be on driving the reliability and efficiency of the plant to help to extend its lifetime.

The Operations team oversees the operation of eight coal fired units. Working 24/7 shift patterns, the team runs the plant, identify issues and make sure processes are working as desired.  So to join them, experience of working in a coal plant or thermal generation facility is essential.

As part of the Maintenance team, you’ll manage defects, you’ll plan and carry out routine preventative maintenance on different parts of the plant – a specific turbine, for example – and you’ll play a crucial role during outages breakdowns of equipment. Our team has a wide range of skills between them; mechanical, electrical and everything from craftsman to engineer.

Design Authority

Our Design Authority engineers draw on substantial expertise and specialist skills to service our fleet of machinery and systems. The long-term projects they work on focus on the life time extension of equipment and plant improvement, research and development of new technologies and the application of them in the power station environment. Joining them as a high level engineer, you can expect to take responsibility for multiple projects, for carrying out solutions focused research and finding new technology to help with redesigning the plant, planning and implementing environmental solutions – all while adhering to regulations and industry standards. 

Asset Performance 

Within Asset Performance, the Asset Management team is responsible for mid- to long-term strategy and asset planning and financial planning for the sites. The Outage Management Team is responsible for taking units offline, overhauling them and preparing them for another 4-6 years of operation. The Fleet Project Team deals with the delivery of all types of life extension and environmental upgrading projects within the fleet, and supports the outage teams too. Whether you join us as a Project Delivery Engineer, Project Manager, Outage Manager or Engineer, there is a real focus on change across all of our teams and how the plant should be operated in the future. So you’ll have plenty of opportunity to make an impact.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) detail

West Burton B CCGT entered commercial operation during 2013. The 1300MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plant is sited on 18.7 hectares of land (next to West Burton A) and made up of 3 gas turbines. Our focus at this plant is to increase competitiveness by maximising asset integrity and performance and securing strategic flexibility to extract future market value. We’ll do it through:

  • A commitment to Zero Harm well-being at work and A&IMS compliance
  • Creating a total quality culture embedding SAP, ISO, PAS 55 and PAS99
  • Delivering the CCGT running strategy to face a challenging market environment
  • Understanding and managing the strategy towards Capacity Mechanism
  • Maximising the value of all CCGT contracts, aligned with the Supply Chain synergies activity

Gas Storage detail

Our first fast-cycle gas storage facility at Hill Top Farm currently has two operational cavities with a working gas volume of 9.7 million therms. In early 2014 a third cavity will become operational and is expected to increase the working gas volume to 14.2 million therms. The project is expected to be complete by 2017 when Hill Top Farm will have eight operational cavities providing an estimated 37.0 million therms of working gas.

Hill Top Farm is set to maximise asset integrity and performance capability. By doing so, this facility will be well positioned to take significant value from trading in the sometimes volatile gas market. To do this we will:

  • Complete the handover of gas plant to operations and commence commercial operations
  • Complete the remaining cavity conversion process
  • Ensure that we act as a responsible owner by ensuring that EDF Trading maintains good asset management practices at Hill Top Farm

As this part of our business looks to develop in the future consideration will be given to similar opportunities and how technical knowledge derived from this project may be applied to potential future projects such as carbon capture and storage schemes.

What we are looking for

To excel in any area of our challenging but rewarding Coal Operations function, you’ll need to be an open-minded, experienced engineer from a similarly large, complex industrial environment. A Project Delivery Engineer, Project Manager or Process Safety Lead who thinks strategically, has a clear view of the bigger picture and is willing to go the extra mile. What’s more, as a seasoned people manager, you’ll be just as at ease working with teams, sharing innovative ideas and delivering to targets.


Cottam & West Burton