The Legal department is part of EDF Energy’s Strategy & Corporate Affairs steering function. Headed up by the Legal Affairs Director, the legal department is divided into Heads of Legal, Principal Solicitors and Solicitors across the following teams:

  • B2B and B2C & Governance legal 
  • Nuclear &  Upstream Generation legal 
  • Corporate & Dispute Resolution (which covers IT, procurement cross company, corporate transactions including M&A, as well as litigation)
  • NNB Legal

The teams


This is the team behind the smooth running of our Nuclear New Build projects. Working closely with lawyers from EDF France and external experts, they take a ‘one team approach’ to supporting the new nuclear build programme – everything from planning developments to negotiating large contracts. They also play a vital role in building relationships with suppliers, the government and a range of other external bodies.

Nuclear & upstream generation

The team provide the legal support behind our nuclear, coal and renewable energy production. Working closely with the Office for Nuclear Regulation, as well as EDF Energy Renewables, they monitor and advise on the complex regulations and laws associated with nuclear, coal and renewable generation, and oversee the day-to-day legal implications of running power stations and wind farms – things like negotiating contracts for essential maintenance and the buying of fuel. 

Corporate & dispute resolution

The Corporate & Dispute resolution team deal with IT contracts, software and other goods and services used across the company. Essentially the things we need to function on a day to day basis. This includes everything from property requirements – keeping our offices fully stocked and comfortable – to mergers and acquisitions – an area of special expertise associated with the sale or purchase of companies. The team also look after dispute resolution and litigation, ranging from lower value claims from supply customers through to high value disputes with major contractors.

B2B and B2C & governance

Made up of two teams – one focused on our B2B customers and one on our B2C customers and governance and secretariat activities – the teams draw on their expert knowledge of company, consumer and commercial law to ensure we’re providing electricity to our customers in line with law and regulation and running our business in an effectively and compliant way. The B2B team work on the contracts, trading and market analysis associated with supplying electricity to very large clients. The B2C & Governance team advise on the growing set of regulations governing our residential supply business, as well as supporting the development of energy products, price changes and contracts involved in supplying energy to our circa. 5.5 million residential customer accounts. The team also includes a dedicated Secretariat function, which supports EDF Energy’s boards of directors and ensures our compliance with company law, and an Export Control team who manage our compliance with international sanctions governing the movement of goods and information across the world. 


As a fully qualified Solicitor you’ll need to complete a mandatory 16 hours of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training every year. EDF Energy’s Legal team is also accredited as a provider of training, so you could take the opportunity to teach courses within the company – things like teaching your colleagues about new legislation. Once My Campus is up and running, this tool will also be available to help you shape training programmes and development courses.

What's it like

Legal is a fascinating area to work in. The constantly changing environment means that the work is challenging and varied, and the size and scope of EDF Energy opens up opportunities in a huge range of business areas. As you develop and grow in your role, you’ll have more and more influence over important strategic decisions – having a real impact on the way we do things.