IT Operations

IT supports everything we do at EDF Energy. Every one of our employees relies on IT services to do their jobs. Which is why it’s so important for our Operations team to provide reliable, fit for purpose IT solutions that keep the company data safe and things running smoothly.

Data centre and applications management, IT security, service desk, and IT supplier management are some of the critical services that IT Operations delivers. There are more than 100 permanent staff working in IT Operations. The team’s main task is to keep all the IT running. With many of our traditional IT services and responsibilities outsourced, that means building strong and rewarding relationships with our third party suppliers to ensure we’re receiving the very best service.


The Chief Information Office (CIO) at EDF Energy is a key area of the Corporate Steering Functions – the area responsible for setting IT strategic direction, running efficient and sustainable IT Operations and delivering high performing internal consultancy services and change delivery.

The CIO is made up of two teams; ESAC and IT Operations.

The teams

ESAC (Enterprise, Security, Architecture and Change)

Our highly skilled ESAC team is made up of business consultants, IT security specialists and IT architects. Our consultants support the business in achieving their objectives, in addressing any issues the different business areas might have and in driving change and continuous improvement. This approach is quite unique, in that the consultancy is offered internally. 

The ESAC team drive and define the company IT strategy, and collaborate with the wider EDF Group in this. Our architects are responsible for ensuring the platforms we design are future proof, fit for purpose and have the right levels of performance and security to protect the company’s intellectual property. 

IT Operations

IT Operations is made up of three teams: the Infrastructure Supplier Management team who deliver IT Operations services to our infrastructure partners and suppliers, including data centre and telecoms. The Service Management team who provide the process and governance framework in which to deliver an effective IT Operations service to our internal and external customers. And the Business Services team whose key focus is the performance management and continual improvement of IT Service Delivery from our IT partners & suppliers. Beyond that, we also have the Business Services team who provide IT services in support of new projects and govern the Total Cost of Ownership process. 

When it comes to recruiting for IT Operations, we look for professionals with strong commercial skills. People with an understanding of the needs of the business, the critical services, who have a strong customer service ethos and understand the commercial impacts of particular business decisions. The ability to work closely with internal customers and third party suppliers, stakeholder management skills is also important in order to get the very most from every relationship.


As part of the IT Operations function, you’ll have plenty of formal training opportunities and will be fully supported as you work towards key industry standard qualifications within your role – qualifications like ITIL.

Within ESAC there’s a focus on the development of consultancy skills and LEAN approaches to help support the business in continuous improvement.  The qualifications supported depend on the individual experience and role within the team, but again focus on external standards of excellence.