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Our vision is to create a thriving, engaged alumni community that past EDF Energy employees can feel good about.

Joining our Alumni programme offers the following benefits:

  • A platform to connect and network with other alumni, share knowledge and gain insight into EDF Energy’s strategic direction
  • Visibility of the latest opportunities at EDF Energy
  • Access to personal development resources like blogs and videos
  • Station tours at each of our nuclear power stations

How do I join?

Former EDF Energy Graduates, get involved via this LinkedIn group www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=8414779&trk=my_groups-tile-grp

Former EDF Energy Employees, get involved via this LinkedIn group www.linkedin.com/grp/home?gid=8424293&goback=%2Eanb_8424293_1634C365530F_*1_*1_*1_*1_*1

Returning to EDF Energy

The door is always open at EDF Energy and we have a number of past employees who explore different career options before deciding to return. Returners bring with them new skills and a broader perspective which we consider extremely valuable.

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Our alumni embraces all those who have experienced working at EDF Energy, whether that be permanent employees or contractors. Together the experiences you have will deepen the opportunities within the group for knowledge sharing, thought leadership and networking, creating a positive community that we can all feel good about.

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Read Claire & Dan's stories

Claire's returners story

Position title:

SAP Business Process and Domain Architect for Finance and Reporting – IT Operations

Tell us about your previous role at EDF Energy

I worked in IT operations in the SAP Support Team as a Technical Support Analyst for HR and Payroll. In this role I supported and maintained SAP for HR and payroll, responding to requests and resolving incidents. I also worked on multiple SAP projects related to HR and payroll and implemented changes within SAP when required.

What were your reasons for leaving and what motivated you to come back?

I transferred out of the company with the outsourcing of IT Operations in December 2013. I had previously worked for EDF Energy for 10 years, they were happy years and I was keen to re-join. As such I kept my eye out for suitable vacancies and was lucky that an opportunity presented itself that supported my career direction.

What advice would you give to alumni thinking about returning to EDF Energy?

Returning to EDF Energy was right for me and my career development. Consider your experiences and what opportunities EDF Energy can provide.

What does a feel better career mean to you?

It's great working in a company where we are all striving towards shared goals, where you are made to feel part of a team and provided with support to develop your career.

Dan's returners story

Tell us about your previous role at EDF Energy

In my previous role with EDF Energy I was a team manager within customer services. I held this position for 6 years. I managed around 10-15 Customer Advisors with the main aim of proving the best possible service.

What were your reasons for leaving and what motivated to you to come back?

I decided to move on as I desired to gain experience managing a portfolio of customers within a field sales environment. I felt I needed to broaden my horizons and I was in a great position to utilise my skills gained whilst at EDF Energy. The role was more weighted to a relationship manager position so I could utilise my personal skills.

The main reasons I came back were firstly the great atmosphere of working in customer services at EDF Energy, and secondly, that I had made many friends over the previous 10 years which made it very easy to come back. I also came back as a result of the opportunities afforded to me to progress within EDF Energy and the opportunity to recommence working in an industry I was very familiar with.

When I returned, I moved into a different area of the business to improve my skill levels. I am currently working as a business analyst which has been a fantastic experience as it has allowed me to improve my technical and analytical skills.

What advice would you give to alumni thinking about returning to EDF Energy?

Think clearly about what you really want to achieve long term and also take into account the positive and negative aspects of what you experienced before. Be prepared to climb the ladder again but with new skills.

What does a feel better career mean to you?

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the career you imagined!

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