For homes

Our smart home store

We have a range of carefully chosen smart home devices to help you take your first steps to transforming your home. We’re working with the latest smart technologies to help you move towards a Smarter Home with confidence.

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This smart home system, discovered during our first start-up challenge, supports people to live independently for longer through a system of connected home sensors that allow friends and family to digitally “check-in” on the resident to see how they’re doing.

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For business

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Smart Charging (V1G)

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) chargers allow a two-way flow of electricity between an electric vehicle and the electricity network, enabling cars to return unused electricity back to the grid to generate revenue. EDF Energy has partnered with Nuvve to develop an innovative electric vehicle proposition for our customers. It features pre-paid mileage per month, with the ability to earn a significant monthly income.

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Building Energy Management Systems using AI

We have partnered with Grid Edge to offer an Artificial Intelligence Building Energy Management System, which gives large business customers the ability to maintain comfort at their site while flexing their energy use to reduce costs.

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Battery storage

Battery storage technology can be used to help industrial and commercial customers reduce their electricity use during peak price times and generate revenues from wholesale energy trading back to the grid. Tesla supplies EDF Energy with large-scale battery systems to enable some of our biggest customers to benefit from optimising their electricity use through our Powershift solution.  

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Our vision is to create a digital future for energy, where supply and flexibility are combined intelligently to respond to the demands of a new energy landscape. PowerShift is the ultimate flexibility platform that helps you lower your business energy costs, generate income and meet low carbon targets.

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