For homes

Amazon Alexa EDF Energy Skill

Our Alexa voice skill delivers a simply better customer service. EDF Energy customers can now use cutting edge voice command technology and ask Alexa to check their account balance, tariffs, payments and submit meter readings.

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Sunplug is a bespoke battery storage solution designed to help solar photovoltaics (PV) customers to get more from their energy. Sunplug stores surplus energy generated by solar PV panels during daylight hours and uses it to power homes in the evening and at night.

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For businesses

Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response (DSR) means customers can reduce or shift their electricity use at peak times. By ‘spreading the load’ business customers can play an important role in managing national electricity demand and make real savings on their own energy outgoings.

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Energy Data Analytics

Using a proprietary data analytics platform, turning energy consumption data into customer intelligence and actionable insights that dramatically improve business customer engagement.

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