Calling all energy innovators!

IDEALondon is looking for start-ups with the best new ideas, products and services and can help accelerate your growth.

IDEALondon is an innovation centre in the heart of London’s Tech City, run by EDF Energy, Cisco and UCL Engineering, with a proven track record of supporting tech start-ups to grow faster, stronger and further than they could alone.

Since its launch in 2012, it has helped dozens of start-ups raise more than £60 million between them, creating more than 500 jobs in the process.

You could join the innovation centre if you’re working on solutions related to: 

  • Making homes smarter or more automated
  • Supporting vulnerable customers
  • Helping businesses and consumers transition to electric vehicles
  • Providing energy efficiency devices
  • Solar and battery storage products
  • Optimisation / flexibility / trading services
  • Innovative energy business models / platforms using smart meter technology / data / artificial intelligence / blockchain

If you are a young company, with solutions to help shape the future of better energy, we would love to hear from you!

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What will I get?

Successful companies will be provided with:

  • An opportunity to collaborate with IDEALondon partners – EDF Energy, Cisco and UCL Engineering, including access to real customers to market test your products and services, and potential longer-term business development opportunities (e.g. becoming a supplier partner).
  • Expert mentorship to shape your solutions / growth plan to become the customer technologies and services of the future.
  • Professional guidance on getting access to funding and investment from Capital Enterprise and access to its CAP Talent, CAP Ai & Onetech projects.
  • Desk spaces at IDEALondon including access to meeting rooms and our start up community.


  • You must be a company with at least a Minimum Viable Product in the market associated with energy.
  • You must apply using the online application form and include a pitch deck.
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An opportunity to collaborate with IDEALondon partners: A unique collaboration of corporate and academia, helping to grow the digital economy.

EDF Energy Blue Lab

Blue Lab is EDF Energy’s innovation accelerator. It makes ideas and innovations come to life to make energy better for its customers. It works on growing and nurturing start-ups and innovators who are passionate about their concepts. Its ambition is to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, low carbon society through the development of new technologies and business models.

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Cisco is one of the largest technology companies in the world, founder of LAN, and key investor in emerging technologies such as blockchain. With over ten successful Innovate UK projects and more than ten worldwide innovation centres, it has the network and expertise to execute industry leading proof of concepts, from smart cities to autonomous vehicles. Cisco has an expansive network of partners, to help connect start-ups with the right organisations and commercialise in the right way.

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UCL Engineering

In 1827, UCL founded the first laboratory in the world devoted to engineering education. Nearly 200 years later, the Engineering Faculty remains at the cutting edge of the discipline, home to some of the most successful departments in the UK. Many essential technologies have originated from UCL, including the rapid production of vaccines, fibre-optic communications and the entire Internet infrastructure. Over the past 5 years, UCL Engineering has developed a suite of innovation centres. Through a mix of physical co-working spaces and sector-led virtual communities, it has been able to assist 15% of all London's start-ups.

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