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If you're an EDF customer here's some advice on how to make savings this winter?

  • Pay a different way: Our customers save around £80(1) a year when they pay by Direct Debit, a simple and easy way to pay. Paying by Direct Debit reduces our administration costs. We can then pass these savings onto our customers. Log into MyAccount now or register to change your payments to Direct Debit. It only takes a few minutes.
  • Fix your prices for the long term: Join 1.6m EDF customers who've locked in their prices by signing up for our fixed price energy deals. Whilst these tariffs are currently more expensive than our Standard (Variable) tariff they do protect you against future price rises.
  • Get smart: We've installed more than 2 million smart meters around the UK. Helping customers see exactly how much they spend.
    Smart meters show your energy use in near real-time and can help you lower your usage and bills. Only EDF smart meter customers get free access to our unique Energy Hub service.

    Many customers say it's helped them to reduce their energy use.

    "Seeing smart meter readings has given me an understanding of the need to save energy and money. Very pleased to have had it fitted. Thank you" (EDF customer Robert from Crewe)

    We're ready to install your smart meter. Book an appointment now.

  • Save at home: Things like cavity wall insulation could save you up to £255 a year(2), depending on your home. Smart heating controls and turning appliances off at the wall could save you up to £105 a year.(3)

Other ways EDF can help this winter

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Make sure your boiler is happy and healthy

Keep warm this winter with our range of boiler service and maintenance plans and home emergency insurance.

Boiler problems? Get your boiler up and running again with our boiler repair services or need to replace your boiler quickly we can help!

We've teamed up with BOXT, offering our customers £50 off a new boiler