Here to help


Support for a local school


Our colleague Matt Carver, a member of the Research and Development team, very kindly offered his evenings  to help build an online registration platform for a local school. The platform was used to help them identify vulnerable children and children of key workers, so that they could continue to go to school under the government’s current arrangements. 

Due to the very sudden guidelines issued by the government, the school only had 48 hours to implement their new ways of working. Thanks to Matt they were able to register all children who still needed to attend school and ensure their needs were met. 

The school was extremely grateful for Matt’s support.


The H sign


Combining community spirit with computer skills, Heysham 2’s Head of IT Adam Postlethwaite has pulled his village together to support those who need help during the pandemic.

Adam set up a Facebook community group for his village Wray in north Lancashire, and then followed up with leaflets to each house.

“I’m on three committees in the village and it seemed right to set up this support group as this crisis was developing. The Facebook page has 170 members but we were aware many people don’t necessarily use such social media routes, so we also issued around 300  leaflets which has telephone numbers but also a printed ‘H’ that anyone needing help can put in their window.”

Initially the group offered to deliver books and DVDs, but as the crisis has developed they’re now concentrating on delivering food and giving medical support.

In the past few weeks volunteers have taken food supplies to those who can’t leave their homes, and delivered prescriptions and samples to surgeries.

“One lady who is trapped abroad was concerned about her father and we were able to support him giving her peace of mind until she can get back. Our dog walkers keep an eye out for those with an ‘H’ in the window, and we have a network of volunteers who monitor the social media and also the voicemail.

“I do think that once we are through all this the silver lining will be that we will have greater social cohesion and that the crisis will bring everyone a little closer together.”