Borders community sets up COVID-19 Action Group helped by EDF Renewables Longpark Wind Farm community fund

Communities in and around Stow are pulling together to support one another during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Stow Covid-19 Action Group has been set up in partnership with Stow Community Council and has recently received funding from the EDF Longpark Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund.

The awarded grant of £7,500 is being used to support community-led Covid-19 related responses.

The Action Group has created a booklet which is full of useful advice for all the community, including key information on local services and shops, key contact details, exercise tips, games and more. It will be available online and a group of volunteers will be delivering it to residents in Stow and Fountainhall this week.

The funding has also allowed for a home-made soup service to be set up, buying local produce and decomposable and environmentally friendly tubs to provide households with nutritional soups.

The Action Group is working in partnership with Fountainhall’s Resilience team, local Community Councils and the Scottish Borders Council to ensure residents continue to be supported through a variety of community initiatives.