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To find all EDF health and wellbeing news, resources and guidance, go to the Alongside You eNZO page.

Watch video: Everyone’s welcome – meet the people of EDF

Everyone's Welcome

Filmed at home by employees during lockdown, this video highlights the strength in diversity. How we each experience working life here at EDF is different and it reminds us to think consciously about getting to know each other better, recognising that everyone is unique, has different needs and to find the common ground between us all.

Feeling physically and mentally fit

Employee Assistance Programme

Your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provided by AXA PPP Healthcare offers free, professional and confidential support on a wide range of work/life issues. Whether it’s financial worries, a medical issue or you’re feeling stressed or upset, just call and they’ll talk about the kind of guidance and support they offer. 

Learn more about the services in this 30-minute webinar recording. You can access the slides here

Thrive: Mental Wellbeing App

We all know it’s important to keep active and eat healthily. But sometimes we neglect our mental health.

The Thrive: Mental Wellbeing app is available for free to all EDF employees. It helps you to boost your wellbeing, manage your mood and build resilience.

It uses tools approved and used by the NHS, such as computerised cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness techniques & distraction-therapy games.

Employee Networks

Our nine Employee Networks are here to help each of us feel connected and empowered to thrive at work. You can access the dedicated pages on eNZO

The Cancer Support Network provides guidance and support to anyone going through their own cancer journey. If you're worried that you have symptoms of cancer, it's important that you seek clinical advice and contact your GP surgery. 

Support webinars

Listen back to these webinars from EDF's Health & Wellbeing team and Occupational Health doctors:

Emotional care guide

Nuffield Health's emotional care guide explains how focusing on four areas can help you balance your emotions and manage any symptoms of anxiety. 

Managing stress

There isn't one solution for every stressful situation. However, talking to others can be a simple yet effective way to understand what is causing stress and how to tackle it.

This short let's talk guide from Nuffield Health includes five conversation starters you can use if you're feeling stressed and need some support. 

Tips for a better night's sleep

The formula for good sleep

Stuggling to sleep? Take a moment to read Nuffield Health's cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to retrain your body and mind to sleep well at night.


Maintaining healthy sleep

Good quality sleep is important for both our physical and emotional health. However, Covid-19 is impacting our ability to obtain quality sleep in a number of ways. This short article from Nuffield Health provides some top tips for improving your sleep quality.

3-minute videos on different well-being topics

Working from home

Set up your work station correctly with these top tips from our Occupational Health team and Nuffield Health. 

Support pack and contact details

All the information you need to work safely and comfortably from home

Home working kit

Order essential home working kit and have it delivered to your home. Please speak to your line manager before ordering. 

Display Screen Equipment

DSE course

Make sure your workstation is setup correctly to avoid eye strain and common musculoskeletal issues (such as a bad back and neck strain). Find out more on our eNZO page.

Our "DSE for temporary home workers course" is available on MyLearningHub. 

The science of slouching

Nuffield Health's guide to good workplace posture.

Be kind to yourself

From having a morning routine to maintaining clear working hours, there are things we can all do to help improve our emotional wellbeing.

Nuffield Health has shared tips on how to be kinder to yourself while working from home, and a checklist to help you leave work at work.

Watch video: EDF Company Physio, Emma share some hints & tips on home set ups

Laptop setup tips

Physiotherapist Emma Woods from Heysham shares some best practice for using a laptop at home.

Watch video: Neck exercises

Neck exercises

Watch this short video narrated by our physio Emma Woods to help ease tightness in your neck and shoulders.

Preventing aches and pains at your computer

Look after your money and protect the environment


Financial wellness

Developing a healthy relationship with money is important to maintaining your overall wellbeing. Our myBenefits partnership with Neyber offers free guidance and support to help you take control of your finances as well as giving you a fairer way to borrow money.

With Neyber you'll find helpful information and resources, whether you are interested in managing debt, saving for your future, or putting together a budget to make the most of your salary.

Your anytime benefits

Have you used Perks at Home? It gives you access to the best available discounts and cashback on top brands and products at hundreds of online stores.

From discounts with your favourite brands to giving something back to the causes close to your heart, there's something for everyone on myBenefits.

Text to donate

Prostate Cancer UK, like other charities, is struggling right now to fund the vital support services men need whilst going through diagnosis and treatment. If you wish to donate a one off gift to Prostate Cancer UK via SMS, text 'EDF' and the amount to 70004. You can donate £3, £5 or £10. Text costs the value of your donation plus your network charge.

Prostate Cancer UK receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payers permission. Customer care 0800 082 1616. Charity No 1005541. The charity will only contact you to confirm receipt of your donation. 

Watch video: Do I Need a Will? Information Video

Will Writing

It’s not a topic that people often talk about but having a will in place provides reassurance that your wishes will be adhered to in the future. Will writing is one of the many anytime benefits you can access through myBenefits.

Watch this short video to find out if having a will in place is right option for you.


We’ve created myFootprint to help you work out the size of your carbon footprint - from how much energy you use, to how often you recycle, to how many times a year you fly. Once you know the size of your footprint you can find out how to make the changes needed to cut it  - doing so means you'll spend less and help us reach our climate goals. Download the tool today

Manager support

These resources are designed to equip our people managers with the tools and support they need to lead their teams. 

Coaching at EDF

We offer individual coaching with a range of carefully selected external coaches. The sessions allow you to achieve a specific personal or professional goal aligned to business needs. For more information about the coaching available at EDF, please visit eNZO

Building resilience

This short LinkedIn Learning course is designed to help you understand and build resilience in both your work and home life. It covers:

  • What is resilience?
  • Identifying strategies for facing rejection in your day to day life
  • Recognising the skills you can practice to increase your resilience


Motivate and engage your team

In this half-hour learning path, we've hand-picked a selection of videos to give you new perspectives and tools to increase motivation and in turn, develop a more productive team.

It begins with a short message from Guillaumne Callewaert, Hinkley Point C CI-BOP Director. 

Managing remote teams

Our 30-minute learning pathway has been designed to help you: 

  • Lead from a distance
  • Set goals for your team
  • Coach and provide feedback virtually
  • Communicate with a remote team
  • Get the most out of virtual meetings. 

Supporting emotional wellbeing

As a line manager, it can be difficult knowing how to approach conversations about emotional distress.

Nuffield Health provided six ways to support team members, particularly those struggling with mental health.