Our Materiality development process

We have a formal process to identify and prioritise our sustainability issues. Material sustainability issues are determined through a range of inputs, including stakeholder engagement and benchmarking.

Formal reviews take place every three to five years, or when significant external regulatory or energy policy changes occur.

Our Sustainable Business Policy outlines our commitment to formally reviewing our strategy. The review process makes sure our strategy:

  • remains relevant
  • addresses existing and emerging sustainability challenges
  • demonstrates leadership in sustainability
  • drives continual performance improvements in our business.


Our sustainability governance process then looks at the validity of the results and how to progress the strategy forward based on materiality.

Our latest materiality review was completed in early 2017. We conducted interviews and focus groups with our many stakeholders, including employees and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). We wanted to know what they believe will be material to us, and the wider energy industry, in the future.

The results of this review were used to develop our sustainability strategy and The Better Plan.

This stakeholder engagement, alongside peer reviews and a survey (sent to key internal EDF Energy stakeholders), has also informed the development of our Materiality Matrix.

Materiality matrix

Areas deemed to be the Top 20 most material to EDF Energy’s business and operations are shown in the materiality matrix. These were identified through our materiality development process (above).

Our Top 20 issues identified – and their scope, are shown in the table below.

Sustainability Materiality Matrix


More information

Impact on EDF Energy: Our Top 20 material issues impact on EDF Energy covers the activities of EDF Energy Limited, our subsidiaries, and all joint ventures in which we hold an interest of over 50%, unless stated otherwise.

Issues material outside of the organisation include: Customer service, data privacy/security and local economy and site closure, which are material to our customers, communities surrounding our operating sites, and our regulators; Research & Development, ethical business practice and human rights as most material to suppliers; and Emergency preparedness, Nuclear New Build and Nuclear safety, material to many of our external stakeholders including regulators, Non-governmental organisations, communities and the wider public.

The Better Plan - stick of rock

The Better Plan

Our framework for being a sustainable and responsible energy business.

The Better Plan is an integral part of EDF’s 2030 vision – to be the efficient, responsible electricity company, and champion of low-carbon growth. 

We want to deliver Better Lives, Better Experience and Better Energy for all of society.