Better Lives

We know that what we do has a lasting impact on people’s lives so we are investing in training and job creation, skills and education programmes. We want to be at the forefront of the UK’s long-term industrial transformation, and in doing so, help to close the equality gaps that we see in our society today. An investment in people is an investment in our country and our company’s future – whether it’s creating thousands of job opportunities or reaching out to our communities through our visitor centres.   

We are at the forefront of our industry’s transformation by investing in major new infrastructure, including the UK’s first nuclear power station in a generation. Our technology investments transform how we work, think and connect with each other – empowering our people to band together and do good, both in our business and their communities. And by reaching out to our communities we're inspiring a new generation of scientists and engineers – who we hope will one day join us on the journey to our low-carbon future.

Our operations throughout the UK also provide substantial economic and social benefit to the people and communities with which we work. We support thousands of jobs throughout the UK and millions of pounds is invested directly and in-directly into regional economies throughout the country. Our latest socio-economic report provides more detail of the wider benefit provided by our operations and is available to download here.

Nuclear safety is our overriding priority

We work hard to protect our people, our communities and the environment. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our people shapes everything we do and sustains our right to do business.

Our goal is to remain at the top of our industry for safety standards and performance and to support a healthy workforce

Dungeness B visitor centre

People as a force for good

Our major investments are not just about new infrastructure or technologies; they are about training and jobs, skills and education and providing our people the opportunities to do great things.

Pretty Curious

Inspiring a generation of girls to discover the future through STEM.

Visitor Centres

EDF Energy has eight purpose-built visitor centres across the UK, each exploring how electricity is created in a fun and interactive way.

Work for us

We're the UK's largest producer of low-carbon electricity. Join us, and you'll play a part in our plans for a better energy future.

Better Lives case studies

Find out how we are innovating to transform people’s lives with skills and job opportunities.

The Better Plan - stick of rock

The Better Plan

Our framework for being a sustainable and responsible energy business.

The Better Plan is an integral part of EDF’s 2030 vision – to be the efficient, responsible electricity company, and champion of low-carbon growth. 

We want to deliver Better Lives, Better Experience and Better Energy for all of society.