Lucy Dagg, Senior Communications Deployment & Development Executive

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To achieve strong financial and ethical performance

Taking care of what we send to customers

“I’m part of the Customer Communications Team who manages the process of producing all the printed material we send to customers.  We are responsible for ensuring that roughly 50 million items a year go out on time in the most cost effective way. We are also responsible for sending out promotional merchandise.

Doing the right thing by everyone

We proactively source companies who meet our standards on ethical and social responsibility across our supply chain. The Zingy merchandise we produce goes through a stringent process to ensure the suppliers involved comply to this standard as well. We make key decisions to ensure every part of the procurement process is consistent with our ambition to be an ethical and responsible business. It’s about more than reputational risk – it’s about doing the right thing by everyone in the supply chain.

It is not always easy and there is a lot more to do – but I’m looking forward to working with more suppliers and continuing to improve what and where we buy from."

- Lucy Dagg, Senior Communications Deployment & Development Executive

Sam Willcox, Supply Chain Specialist

Building sustainability into our supply chain

Office Depot provides office supplies to more than 95% of EDF Energy office sites. Together, EDF Energy and Office Depot are working on ways to make the contract more sustainable. A switch to online ordering means Office Depot needs to print fewer paper catalogues, and new equipment
is cutting down packaging waste. EDF Energy is also ordering more products from Office Depot’s sustainable range. The range of partnership initiatives aims to reduce the contract’s carbon and waste footprints and other energy-related indicators.

“Every action I take on a daily basis is to ensure we achieve value from our suppliers. Getting the best value from suppliers either saves the company money, achieves higher quality products and services, or both." 

“I ensure we are only buying from suppliers that support our sustainability ambitions. I have pushed through a change to our stationery catalogue that ensures we only have the most environmentally friendly products available, reduced the number of stationery deliveries – reducing our CO2 emissions greatly – and completed smaller changes, such as using paper instead of card for work order cards.”


- Sam Willcox, Supply Chain Specialist

Our Better Energy Ambitions

Our six Better Energy Ambitions set out our short, medium and long-term goals and targets for improving our social, economic and environmental performance.

By meeting these ambitions, we will have created Better Lives, Better Experience and Better Energy - The Better Plan - in a responsible and sustainable way.