EDF Energy Research and Development is a technical centre made up of 5 different teams with 70 researchers based across 4 different locations.

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Digital Innovation


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Jean-Michel Daignan, Data Scientist

"On a International Volunteer Assignment (VIE) contract in the Digital innovation team, my role is to develop the activities of the Virtual Data Lab, to improve the usage of data for dfferent entities of the company. It entails collecting, storing and analysing data from different sources to create value for EDF Energy."


Will Selby, Digital Project Manager

"I lead on projects that the R&D Digital Innovation deliver for the Customers business. I share my time between project management, product and service design, stakeholder management, writing proposals and demoing our work."



Matt Carver, Digital Developer

"Joining Digital R&D has allowed me to use the skills I already have from my career in web development, as well as having the opportunity to learn new technologies and even develop skills in areas that no one has worked on before. People come to us with projects in such diverse areas as app development, mixed reality, AI, bots, sensors and countless others. It's our job to find new ways to use technology to solve their problems."



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Hugo Winter, Natural Hazards and Environment R&D Manager

“I'm responsible for leading the UK R&D activity on natural hazards and the environment. Specifically, my group focuses on hazards including: extreme weather, coastal flooding, marine ingress, space weather and the effects of climate change. My technical expertise concerns the use of statistical models to estimate the probability of extreme weather events such as floods, extreme winds and heatwaves as well as combinations of multiple hazards."

Philippe Martinuzzi, Research Engineer Mechanical Modelling

“I develop modelling tools to better assess the structural integrity of nuclear plants and contribute to the life extension of the UK nuclear power plants. I also lead on the Graphite related activities and am responsible for developments and supervision of the graphite team.”

Jenny Nilsen, Junior Research Engineer

“I was given the opportunity to join the Nuclear R&D team as part of the R&D graduate scheme whilst studying part-time towards my MSc degree. It has sometimes been difficult to juggle both working and studying but so far I have really enjoyed the challenge and have received plenty of support. Being able to put the skills I learn from my MSc degree into practice through exciting engineering projects has been really rewarding!”

R&D Nuclear team

The Nuclear team manages and delivers a portfolio of programmes supporting the safety, performance and life extension operation of the existing nuclear fleet in the UK; the preparation of its decommissioning plan; and the development of new build projects, starting with Hinkley Point C project. The team acts as an internal centre of expertise in Modelling & Simulation and Natural Hazards & Environment

Open Innovation


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The Open Innovation team is part of a global R&D initiative to boost EDF Group performance by fostering partnerships with technology start-ups and high growth SMEs. Working across the whole EDF value chain of Generation, Smart Grids and supply of energy to Customers, the Open Innovation team finds innovation to help the business create new products and/or services, or be more efficient in our day to day operations.

Open Innovation works closely with EDF Energy's ​innovation accelerator, Blue Lab; harnessing the latest technologies, developing energy services and testing the new business models of tomorrow.
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Are you a start-up?

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R&D UK is looking to foster partnerships with technology start-ups and high growth SMEs in order to help EDF Energy create innovative new products and/or services.

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R&D Renewables team

The newly formed Renewables team, a multi-disciplinary team, provides support to EDF at a Group level in Offshore Wind, Onshore Wind and Marine Energy. Their aim is now to apply and expand skills to help EDF, EDF Energy succeed in its Renewable projects across the world and reach its 2030 targets. The key priority is to help reduce costs of Renewables

Alexios Koltsidopoulos, IDCORE Engineer

"I'm a research engineer in the Renewables team, focusing on the development of tools and methodologies to reduce operational costs of offshore wind farms, with a focus on data management & analytics, as well as risk-based operations and maintenance optimization. My role is in conjunction with the completion of an EngD at the Industrial Doctoral Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy (IDCORE)."

Jan Pagan, Offshore Wind Mechanical Research Engineer

"My role takes many forms due to the highly dynamic nature of wind energy. However, I perform structural analyses of wind turbines using computer models and support Onshore Asset Management activities by performing onsite inspections using non-destructive methods such as drones and thermal cameras."

Ellen Pavageau, Head of Renewables

"The new Renewables team's aim is to apply and expand our skills to help EDF succeed in its renewable projects across the world and reach its 2030 targets. Our key priority is to help reduce costs of renewables. I believe being smart and innovative can help make the difference in this fast-changing environment."

Smart Customers


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Frank Tutu, Analyst Smart Energy Applications

"I had a keen interest in energy technologies as an undergraduate student at UCL which led me to pursue a research degree in the design and characterisation of solar cells devices. Here, I'm contributing to the Smart Customers team's efforts in Smart Cities and investigating the opportunities and challenges presented by Building Information Modelling (BIM)."

Maria Brucoli, Smart Customers Research Engineer

“I have a keen interest in rural electrification in emerging economies including both small remote villages and wider strategic country wide plans. My work in R&D is focusing on local decentralised energy systems such as meter storage applications, community energy and smart cities.”

Dan Bentham, Head of R&D Smart Customers

“Being responsible for all of the downstream R&D activities in the UK gives me a unique opportunity to understand the complex challenges facing the UK energy system today and those in the future. Whether it is the integration of renewables and the emergence of energy storage, the need to decarbonise heat and transport or the application and adoption of smart connected devices, life in the UK Centre is never dull!"

R&D Smart Customers team

The Smart Customers team covers the key research areas of Global and Local Energy Systems; People, Processes & Buildings and Data Acquisition. They undertake research and develop demonstration projects in the fields of new market and system design, such as peer to peer trading and smart grids; system flexibility and energy storage; smart cities; electric and autonomous vehicles; low carbon heat and smart homes and businesses. 

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