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EDF Green Data Centres

At EDF we're here to solve all of your green data centre needs, find out how we can help you get started. 

EDF aims to be the UK’s leader in helping the digital economy achieve net zero

Learn more about our unique offer below:

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At the design phase we cover:

  • the overall site design  
  • the energy system design 
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At the construction phase we cover:

  • general site and building construction 
  • energy system construction 
  • mechanical and electrical installation 
  • on-site energy construction (renewables, storage, hydrogen backup) 
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At the operations phase, we cover:

  • power supply through power purchase agreements, renewable energy certificates, grid power and carbon accounting 
  • facilities management 
  • operation of on-site energy assets including optimisation 
  • connection with flexibility markets 
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We live in both the digital age and the net zero age

The apps, websites and AI assistants we use every day have an important role to play in making our businesses and homes more automated and efficient. EDF is an enthusiastic user of digital technologies for our own operations and for our net zero products and services. 

But behind every app, website or AI assistant are ‘cloud services’: physical infrastructure in the form of buildings and computing equipment that today consumes about 4% of the UK’s electricity. As we become more and more reliant on these technologies, that electricity demand will grow. The sector faces an urgent need to decarbonise.