EDF Energy Holdings Limited Financial Statements

EDF Energy Holdings Limited and subsidiaries make up EDF Energy. The companies' principal activities are to provide and supply electricity and gas to commercial, residential and industrial customers, and to generate electricity through a portfolio of generation assets including nuclear, coal fired, gas and renewable generation. EDF Energy is also involved in the construction of new build nuclear assets.

Below you can access the latest Financial Statements. Previous statements can be found in the download centre.

Ofgem Segmental Reporting

Under the Ofgem issued “Energy Supply Probe – Proposed Retail Market Remedies”, changes to generators and suppliers licences were made in order to increase Financial Reporting to aid comparability of suppliers and generators. The conditions this reporting satisfies are Standard Licence Condition 19A of the Gas and Electricity Supply Licences and Standard Licence Condition 16B of the Electricity Generation Licence.

Below you can access the latest Financial Reports which were prepared on the basis of the guidance in issue at the time of publication. For previous reports, you can find these in the download centre.

EDF Energy Holdings Ltd financial statement

EDF Energy tax strategy statement