Power of The Pod

Introducing The Pod

The Pod was created in 2008 to provide free, curriculum-linked resources. It also runs campaigns to teach young people (aged 4 – 14) about these issues, empower them to act on their learning and enable them to inspire others through their achievements.

Among its main aims are:

- Inspiring young people and their families to choose a more sustainable lifestyle
- Promoting STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and encouraging science and engineering as a career choice
- Helping children understand a low carbon, secure and affordable energy supply is vital for the future.

The Pod covers topics such as energy, waste, water, biodiversity and transport.

Over the past couple of years, we have added a wide range of new materials and campaigns to The Pod. These include:

- Waste Week campaign with new focus on plastic waste – This waste awareness campaign takes place in March each year and is a fantastic opportunity to engage school children on the waste topic. It is also a way of encouraging parents and the local community to think about the amount of waste they create and how they can reduce it.
- New citizen science campaign ‘What’s Under Your Feet?’ Exploring biodiversity –This campaign helps students gain hands on science experience in their school grounds whilst understanding the impact of climate change on the natural environment.
- ‘Energy Month’ campaign – This educational project runs throughout November and is designed to inspire young people to explore the big energy questions society faces, focusing on energy-saving messages and activities for schools.

And in 2012, we added a new topic – climate science – with resources produced in collaboration with the Met Office.

There is a range of climate science resources on the Pod now, both teacher and student facing, for ages 4-14. These include:

- A climate science information pack and assembly
- ‘Degrees of change’ – an activity in which students plot the average temperature over the past 60 years to see the warming trend
- ‘Casey’s carbon capers’ – an activity to learn about the carbon cycle
- ‘Your local climate’ – an activity to investigate the local climate and learn about the urban heat island effect games, presentations and quick activities.

These resources help put the need for action into context and explain the science behind climate change. There is also a student zone on The Pod website with accessible and engaging materials for students.

In its first six years, the Pod has had a significant impact. Research carried out in 2014 found that:

- 80% of users say the Pod made it easier for them to teach about energy
- 89% say it makes science more exciting

And not only that, but: 

- 90% of students say the Pod has taught them how to use energy responsibly
- 89% of students say the Pod has taught them more about the environment

Best of The Pod

Why not explore The Pod yourself? Watch our films. 

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