Climate and Us: Raising awareness, lowering emissions

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The aim of the Climate and Us website is simple – the website explains simply how climate change works, how it affects the UK and what the international community is doing about it.

By closing gaps in people’s understanding of climate change, the site – a collaboration between EDF Energy, the Met Office and the University of Exeter – aims to help everyone live more sustainably, reducing our impact on the environment.

For the switched-on…

Lots of people want to know more about climate change and are looking for a single reliable source to refer to. Amongst other things, the site helps people:

- To be more aware of how climate change affects them or their business
- To find out how other people or businesses deal with the risks of climate change
- To find out more about the latest scientific findings and see what is happening in other regions and globally.
- All this information will help people join the debate about our future in an informed way

…by the switched-on

Since launching in February 2014, Climate and Us has published about 200 articles and blogs. The site has a range of pieces written by the partners and other contributors, such as Imperial College and Siemens, looking at climate science, providing case studies and explaining the international climate negotiations like COP21. For example:

- See the PWC briefings on the climate negotiations here
- We collected all the videos from the IPCC fifth assessment report in one place to offer an overview of the latest findings in climate science. Watch them here
- The National Trust and the National Flood Forum have contributed pieces about coastal management and flood protection

The content also covers the implications of climate change on energy, cities, business, water, biodiversity, health, transport and many more areas affecting people’s everyday lives. This is all with the aim of making complex issues accessible to everyone. Ultimately we hope that by raising people’s interests and awareness, we can help promote more sustainable living and reduced emissions and a slower rate of climate change.


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