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Our approach to nuclear safety

“Nuclear safety remains our overriding priority, with security of low carbon electricity supply, and our sites, at our core. Our commitment to responsible business means we will work with Government, NGOs and others to demonstrate real progress towards finding long-term UK radioactive waste solutions.”

– Humphrey Cadoux-Hudson, MD, Nuclear New Build and Stuart Crooks, MD, Generation

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Better Energy Ambitions Report

Our report covers progress on our Better Energy Ambitions which are our plan for a sustainable business.

We will continue to deliver the highest standards of nuclear safety in our existing and new build activity, and help shape long-term solutions to radioactive waste

We’ve clarified our ambition to talk more about safe, secure and responsible nuclear electricity – that includes an ongoing focus on nuclear safety and helping achieve long-term solutions to radioactive waste. EDF Energy is in a unique position to play a key role in building a low-carbon economy for the UK. As we play our part in this transition, we know that how we operate our business is just as important as what we do.

We also publish disclosures in line with the FTSE4Good Nuclear CriteriaThis provides information on our nuclear safety, security and radioactive waste policies, management systems and performance over the last three years.

Nuclear safety

Our goal: To achieve a zero harm nuclear safety record

Our targets

We will report annually against a range of established nuclear safety measures. These are:

  • nuclear reportable events
  • collective radiation exposure
  • delivery of new plant design which meets the safety case, project milestones and the schedule
  • promoting an open reporting culture
  • maintaining nuclear competency status

Our performance in 2015

  • We had no Nuclear Reportable Event (NRE) in 2015.
  • Compared to the rest of the nuclear industry, our collective radiation exposure (CRE) performance is very good. Our advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR) units routinely report among the lowest CRE of all the world’s operating nuclear units.
  • The figure for our pressurised water reactor (PWR) at Sizewell B is also low – and very low compared to the worldwide average for PWRs.
  • This performance is a result of both the AGR and PWR designs, which are radiologically cleaner than most other reactor types, and our high standards of radiological control and protection. Most of our units outperform the WANO upper decile for CRE.

Our programmes

In 2015, teams completed work inside the reactor vessels during statutory outages at Hinkley Point B and Hunterston B as planned.

An International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Operational Safety Review Team spent three weeks at Sizewell B in October. The team commented on the openness and transparency of both our people and our processes, and said they had seen many good things to take back to their own organisations.

Nuclear New Build

We made major progress toward our plan to build a new nuclear powerstation at Hinkley Point C in Somerset - most notably with the signing of a Strategic Investment Agreement between EDF and China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) in October.

Our programmes

  • We have demonstrated our ability to manage nuclear safety and delivered the safety case that will underpin the project’s first reference configuration. We reduced the workforce while we waited for the final investment decision; now, with the final negotiations in progress, preparations to remobilise the site are well under way.

The year ahead

We launched the sixth Nuclear Safety Culture Survey (NSCS) in May 2016 to promote and improve nuclear safety. The survey will invite responses from both staff and contractors. We will analyse the results to identify areas in need of improvement and create action plans to improve future results.

The survey invited responses from both staff and contractors. We will analyse the results to identify areas in need of improvement and create action plans to improve future results.

We will also drive radiological safety to even higher levels by improving contamination control, workers’ practices and control measures for all high radiation dose work.

Long-term solutions to radioactive waste

Our goal: To demonstrate real progress towards implementing a long-term UK radioactive waste solution

Our key target

  • To work with the Government, NGOs and others to demonstrate real progress towards implementing a long-term UK radioactive waste solution

Our performance in 2015

Our Nuclear New Build teams work with Radioactive Waste Management Limited to demonstrate how we will safely and securely dispose of spent fuel and radioactive wastes from our new build sites, such as Hinkley Point C. 

Our programmes

The Government approved our Funded Decomissioning Programme for Hinkley Point C in 2015.

The year ahead

Uk spent fuel policy has been identified as a key area for review by the Nuclear Owners Group, which includes EDF Energy. We will work with the Government to review these policies, including the development of the GDF.

Three-year average collective radiation dose

Average three-year collective radiation dose per reactor as defined by the World Association for Nuclear Operators (WANO ). The measure covers all staff – employees, agency and contractors. It does not include a guided party of visitors; these parties walk a known visitors’ route where exposure is negligible.

Nuclear Reportable Events

Nuclear Reportable Events are those that are required, by arrangements made under conditions attached to our nuclear site licences, to be reported formally in writing to the Office for Nuclear Regulation.

Note: 2015 performance was 0 nuclear reportable event.

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We have a long track record in sustainability and responsible business which has been recognised and endorsed by many different organisations.


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