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Due to the current energy price risesit’s difficult to find a better energy deal.

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Building Britain's wind, nuclear and solar energy supply

Rising wholesale gas costs around the world have seen energy prices skyrocket, especially in Britain where we import most of our gas.

That’s why we’re busy building Britain’s own wind, nuclear and solar energy supply – to reduce our reliance on energy imports and help prevent future gas price rises.

Zog Energy Ltd customers

We welcomed Zog Energy Ltd customers in December 2021. We're here to help as your Supplier of Last Resort. We've created a dedicated page to keep you up to date on what's happening

Utility Point customers

We also welcomed Utility Point customers in September 2021. Please find the latest updates here.

With EDF you get

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Zero Carbon

Britain's biggest generator of zero carbon electricity(1)

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Zero Extra Cost

Zero carbon electricity at zero extra cost(2)

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Zero Hassle

Winner of 7 service awards from Uswitch

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Great Value

Named Best Value Large Supplier by Uswitch 2021

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Make sure your boiler is happy and healthy

Keep warm this winter with our range of boiler service and maintenance plans and home emergency insurance.

Boiler problems? Get your boiler up and running again with our boiler repair services or need to replace your boiler quickly we can help!

We've teamed up with BOXT, offering our customers £75 off a new boiler

Drive electric and help reach Net Zero

Driving electric cars (EVs) will help cut Britain’s carbon emissions. We have everything you need to drive electric – electric car leasing deals, home charging points and 100% renewable zero carbon EV tariffs(3).

Our electricity and gas tariffs

All of our home energy tariffs are backed by zero carbon electricity as standard(2).

Total Service 2 Year Fix

Fixed price energy tariff & call centre support

  • Online & call centre support
  • Pay by Direct Debit or cash/cheque
  • Early exit fees apply. £100 per fuel

Helping you to save on heating this winter

Why spend money heating your home for it to escape outside? That's what you could be doing if your home isn't properly insulated.

Adding insulation to your loft, walls and floor can save you up to £570 per year(4), wasting less energy and lowering your home's carbon emissions.