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The average business wastes 20% of the energy it uses. Whatever sector you are in, you can save energy and money just by making your business more energy efficient.

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Simple measures, significant savings

Below are just a few ideas of how to make some quick and easy changes in your business.

Involve your staff

Encourage your employees to work out an action plan for making your business more energy efficient – therefore, more competitive.

Energy Champions

Appoint Energy Champions throughout your business. Give them the authority to assign their colleagues energy-saving responsibilities, such as ensuring all lights are switched off when people go home.

Switch off lights

A 100w light bulb could cost up to £50 a year if it’s left on constantly*.

Use low-energy light bulbs

Replace standard fluorescent tubes with slim-line tubes.

Movement detectors

Use movement detectors to control lighting in toilets, meeting rooms and other areas that are not in constant use.

Draught proofing

Install draught proofing around windows and doors to reduce heading costs. An insulated building can help reduce heat loss by up to 40%.

Time switches

Use time switches to stop unnecessary use of heating and lighting, and use thermostats to control temperatures.

Regular meter readings

Keep track of how much energy your business uses by taking regular meter readings. This makes it easier to see when improvements are working and how much you are saving.

Electrical equipment

 Ensure computers and photocopiers are switched off when not in use for long periods.

* Based on a 100w bulb left on for 8760 hours using 6.6p/kWh

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