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Climate Balance for Business Scheme

Got a question about you our Climate Balance for Business Scheme? Chances are you’ll find the answer here.

What does offsetting (or balancing) energy consumption mean and how will it help prevent climate change?

Every day we use fossil fuels that release CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. However, we can help offset, or balance the impact of the CO2 emissions associated with your energy usage.

Climate Balance for Business allows you to help balance your business' energy emissions by helping to contribute to a wide range of sustainable energy projects. All you have to do is sign up to our Climate Balance tariff for Business Scheme and pay an extra contribution of 0.41p (excl. VAT) per unit of electricity, on top of our standard unit price. We then use these contributions to help fund suitable projects.

By signing up to Climate Balance, you are helping to offset the CO2 emissions associated with the electricity supplied to your business, which means overall you are helping to reduce the impact of CO2 emissions that cause climate change.

However, a word of warning, offsetting isn't an excuse to pollute. It's a way to take responsibility for pollution we can't avoid. We must all do our bit to reduce the amount of energy we use as much as we can, and then help offset the CO2 emissions from energy usage we can't avoid.

How much CO2 does an average business produce?

Based upon EDF Energy's current generation mix, for every unit of energy that one of our business customers use we estimate the following amount of CO2 emissions are produced.

Electricity =0.527kg/kWh

Consequently, in a year, an average SME business on a standard electricity tariff consuming 10,740kWh of electricity will result in a total of 5.66 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

If this SME business signed on to our Climate Balance tariff they would pay an additional annual contribution of £44.03 (exc. VAT) over our standard unit prices. This contribution would then be used to help fund projects to help balance the 5.66 tonnes of CO2 emissions associated with the annual electricity supply.

What is my Energy Carbon Footprint?

Your Energy Carbon Footprint is the amount of CO2 emissions emitted every year from the energy produced for your use. Everything you do that needs fossil fuels will contribute towards your Carbon Footprint; how much gas and electricity you use, how you get to work and how many flights you take a year.

Climate Balance only aims to balance the CO2 emissions associated with the electricity supplied to your business, however, there are schemes where you can help offset, or balance your travel.

How is the Climate Balance contribution calculated?

The Climate Balance tariff unit rate is slightly higher than our qualifying standard tariffs. The difference is based on the amount we feel that will need to be invested per kWh of energy consumed in sustainable schemes to help balance the associated CO2 emissions. Initially, the additional amount payable compared with our qualifying standard tariffs will be as follows.

Electricity = 0.41p/kWh (excl VAT)

However, we will be monitoring this and reviewing it annually in line with changes to our generation mix. An average SME customer using 10,740kWh of electricity would pay an additional annual contribution of £44.03 (exc. VAT).

How do I know that my money is going to be invested wisely?

The contributions you make to us will be given to our approved CO2 offset partners. Both put climate change at the heart of their strategy and only work on projects that can help deliver sustainable differences to the environment. Here are some examples of projects your money will be invested in:-

Energy efficiency - which reduces the amount of fuel needed. For instance, promoting the the use of efficient cooking stores in Bangladesh to reduce the amount of fuel used and CO2 emissions.

Reforestation projects - for example, projects are undertaken to restore rainforest in south-western Uganda which will work with the local communities to provide employment as well as a sustainable timber resource

Tree's will be planted throughout the UK to off set CO2 emissions which will also increase woodland areas for wildlife and offer recreation facilities.

What kinds of projects are selected?

Visit our Climate Balance page further details on the range of current projects. Of course if you sign up to Climate Balance, we will keep you fully updated with all the latest projects.

Is it true that trees produce Carbon Dioxide as well as absorb it?

All plants produce CO2 during respiration, however this is largely utilised during photosynthesis. Fortunately trees absorb more CO2 than they emit, hence their suitability for the purpose of climate balancing.

What happens when the trees die? Do they release all the greenhouse gases they absorb during their lifetime?

Reforestation projects that are invested in are well-managed for a minimum of 99 years. Although individual trees may die, they will not release all the greenhouses gases they absorb during their lifetime, as these will have been utilised in photosynthesis. Investment is also made within other woodland areas to ensure that the carbon emission requirements are maintained.

Will I have to start using renewable forms of energy?

When you sign up to Climate Balance, you can carry on using exactly the same energy sources as before. You are simply balancing the effects that the fossil fuels used to produce your energy are having on the environment.

Even though offsetting your CO2 emissions can make your lifestyle more environmentally friendly, of course the most effective way to help prevent climate change is to reduce your CO2 emissions as much as possible by using less energy.

Visit our Energy Efficiency Tips page for more information.

What is EDF Energy doing to help prevent Climate Change?

At EDF Energy we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. As well as introducing our Climate Balance tariff, we pioneer deep water turbines, invest in wind technology and educate children on the possibilities of renewable energy. We also invest in Energy Saving Programmes to help our customers reduce their energy consumption.

Why should I sign up for Climate Balance?

By signing up to our Climate Balance product you are helping to balance the effects that fossil fuels used to produce your energy are having on the environment.

If you choose Climate Balance, we will send you posters and a certificate so that you can demonstrate that your business is contributing to CO2 emission offsetting projects.

What other green products does EDF Energy offer?

Business First Green Saver is a fixed term contract which is linked to renewable sources for electricity. SME customers using more than 33 kWh per day during the bill period will benefit from Climate Change Levy exemption.

Why do I not receive any CCL benefits with Climate Balance?

The difference between Climate Balance and any 'Green' tariffs is that the energy you use is not produced from renewable sources and it is not recognised for CCL exemption. Climate Balance projects help offset the CO2 emissions rather than prevent them.

Why don’t I just choose to join the Business First Green Saver?

Business First Green Saver is a fixed term contract which is linked to renewable sources for electricity. By taking Green Saver you can help to reduce the amount of CO2 that is emitted into the atmosphere, therefore helping to reduce the effects of climate change.

SME customers using over 33 kWh per day during the bill period also benefit from CCL exemption.

Why can’t I keep my existing contract and have Climate Balance?

Climate Balance is a new product and the prices have been calculated on current costs. If you have previously signed a fixed-term contract then it is likely that you are still benefiting from prices calculated based on different costs. If you wish to benefit from Climate Balance you must agree a new fixed-term contract.

Do I have to sign up all my businesses to Climate Balance?

No, Climate Balance is a product and can be agreed on a site by site basis - so if one of your businesses would suit a Green Saver product instead then you can agree a different contract for each. (Prices may differ)

How do I sign up for Climate Balance?

You can sign up to Climate Balance by calling our Sales Team on
0800 904 7458†.

For the Climate Balance Tariff (including the premium) at what rate will I pay VAT?

Business customers will usually pay VAT at the standard rate. If the average electricity consumption by a business customer is 33 units or less per day over a billing period, the reduced rate of VAT will be applied. Also, if part of the supply is used for domestic or charitable non-business qualifying purposes, depending on the percentage of qualifying use, the VAT charges may be entirely at the reduced rate of VAT or apportioned between the standard and reduced rates.

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