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Large business is EDF Energy’s specialist B2B division focused on supplying energy to industrial, commercial and public sector organisations interested in controlling their energy costs and carbon emissions

Our experience

Thanks to this focus, our people, processes, and products are all geared towards the specific requirements of organisational energy buying.

We provide energy to over 30,000 organisations that together spend over £2bn on electricity and gas. That makes us one of the largest suppliers of power to British business and means we have experience working across a wide range of sectors. So when you deal with us, you can be confident that you’re working with people who understand your requirements.

Our history

We’ve been around for quite a while. Our history takes us back to the days of London Electricity, Seeboard Energy, and SWEB. We’ve changed a lot over the last few years as we’ve integrated and streamlined our operations to provide more competitive energy solutions as EDF Energy. We provide electricity and gas across Britain, and are a key part of one of Europe’s largest integrated energy companies – EDF Group.

Our approach

If there’s one thing all our customers have in common, it’s the need for a reliable, efficient service. Our approach is to deliver just that.

Contracts that fit

First things first. You need an energy supply contract that fits your requirements. We have a wide selection for you to choose from, ranging from the simple to the sophisticated. Just tell us what you're after.

No hidden charges

We also think honesty is a nice touch. Actually it’s fundamental, so when you get a quote from us there are no hidden charges – all costs are easy to understand and transparent.

Change with confidence

We understand that you may be concerned about changing supplier. After all there's a lot of information to process so your accounts can be set up correctly. Call us anoraks, but we’re really proud of our efficient processing capability. We make every effort to validate your data to help prevent future problems - our Registration team are probably the best in the business!

What’s more, we can keep you up-to-date on the progress of your accounts throughout the transfer process.

You’re not just a number

Yes, we deal with tens of thousands of customers with hundreds of thousands of accounts, but that doesn't mean you’re not important to us. A dedicated team will give you individual service. You'll find their number at the top of your bill. 

Services to make your life easier

Once you’re settled in as an EDF Energy customer, take advantage of our other services. We can help you simplify your administration with our free billing and online services. We also have services to help you find ways to save energy.