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EDF Energy's sustainability commitments

Victoria Pendleton for Team Green Britain

EDF Energy has a vision of leading energy change in the UK. Its business model must be profitable and economically sustainable if it is to make the huge investments necessary for its future.

The company believes that its approach to sustainability will increase value and competitive advantage for EDF and EDF Energy through:

  • earning stakeholder trust and confidence
  • shaping, not simply responding to, new regulation
  • increasing EDF Energy’s share of the growing decarbonised electricity market
  • supplying decarbonised electricity to emerging transport and heating markets
  • realising cost and operational efficiency gains from cutting waste
  • increasing employee and customer engagement, acquisition and loyalty
  • earning a corporate reputation for leadership.

As the challenges accelerate, so will the competitive advantages of leading the energy change.

As part of its sustainability commitments – targets geared towards achieving and maintaining sustainable business practice – EDF Energy pledged:

To reduce carbon and waste

  • to reduce the intensity of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from electricity production by 60% by 2020
  • to cut CO2 emissions from offices and depots by 30% by 2012
  • to cut CO2 emissions from transport by 20% by 2012
  • to reduce the volume of waste from energy billing by 30% by 2020
  • to send no office or depot waste to landfill by 2020

To deliver low-carbon nuclear responsibly

  • to work with Government, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and others to demonstrate real progress towards implementing a long-term UK radioactive waste solution
  • to be open and transparent in its nuclear businesses and demonstrate it can be trusted to act to the highest professional standards in relation to nuclear security issues
  • to support the development within the UK of the skills necessary to sustain its nuclear businesses by working with schools, universities and other bodies

To help customers

  • to reduce the proportion of CO2 arising from its customers' energy consumption by 15% by 2020
  • to commit to keeping its prices competitive and provide enduring support for the most vulnerable supply customers

To build a world class culture

  • that by 2012, 100% of the people who work at EDF Energy will understand how they can help achieve the company’s sustainability commitments 
  • to have attained gold standard from independent experts for its approach to diversity and inclusion by 2012
  • to build external partnerships and physical centres of excellence to develop the current and future skills required for a sustainable economy

To serve communities

  • to work with all its suppliers to ensure they meet the 10 principles of the Global Compact to guarantee an ethical supply chain
  • to ensure that by 2012, 2.5 million young people in the UK have participated in the company’s Sustainable Schools Programme, learning about the sustainable use of energy.

Sustainable future

The global challenges of climate change, energy affordability and security of supply require the complete transformation of EDF Energy, of the energy industry and of the UK.

This will demand a diverse range of energy sources including renewables and nuclear. According to EDF Energy, there is no other practical way of securing sufficient low-carbon affordable energy in the future.

Information sources

Sustainability initiatives


EDF Energy takes a long-term view of its energy investments and is committed to providing its customers with sustainable electricity supplies.

Emissions reduction initiatives

West Burton CCGT construction

EDF Energy has pledged to reduce the intensity of carbon dioxide emissions from its power stations, offices, depots, transport and customers.

Local sustainability initiatives

Land near Sizewell B power station

EDF Energy has a responsibility to act sustainably towards the environment and communities in which it operates.

Local community initiatives

Clearning the beach ay Hinkley Point

All EDF Energy's employees are encouraged to play an active role in their local communities by working alongside schools, charities and other organisations.