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EDF Energy's technical expertise

Regular site monitoring at Heysham 2

EDF Energy’s mission is to bring affordable, low-carbon energy solutions home to everyone. Fulfilling this mission will require a great deal of experience and technical expertise in electricity generation.

EDF Energy is part of EDF Group. With 58 nuclear reactors in France and a total of 82 reactors operated across the world, EDF is by far the leading global nuclear power operator. EDF's 58 French reactors are divided among 19 power station sites and have a total installed capacity of around 63 million kilowatts (kW). In 2008, nuclear power provided 83% of France’s electricity.

In France EDF has acquired expertise in the design, maintenance, operation and decommissioning of nuclear plants through almost 50 years of experience within the nuclear industry. The company is committed to ensuring the safety of facilities and continuing to improve technology to that end. Globally, EDF Group’s nuclear plants have a combined installed capacity of around 74 million kW.

UK nuclear facilities

Following its acquisition of British Energy in 2009, EDF Energy now owns and operates 15 nuclear plants at eight sites in the UK, and can draw on British Energy’s 30 years’ experience of working with nuclear power. EDF Energy proposes to build four new reactors, subject to the right investment framework being in place.

EDF Energy is working with modern reactor technology as part of its Nuclear New Build programme. Plants of the new generation are designed to be more reliable, longer-lasting, safer and more efficient, yet more powerful and flexible in their output. For the four new planned plants, EDF Energy plans to use a design based on the European pressurised water reactor (EPR), the type that is being built by EDF in France and China. The EPR design is in the final stages of a design acceptance process operated by the UK’s joint nuclear safety, security and environmental regulators, known as generic design assessment. The regulators have said the design is capable of being accepted in the UK.

Building on Government policy for new nuclear and drawing on its expertise, EDF Energy is confident that its plans for EPRs will help to realise its vision of low-carbon, affordable energy in the UK.

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