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EDF Energy's diverse energy mix

Electricity pylons near Tranent, East Lothian

EDF Energy uses a mix of energy sources to generate electricity, balancing the needs of low carbon emissions, security of supply and affordability. In 2009 the company generated one fifth of the UK's electricity through a diverse range of sources.

Fuel mix for EDF Energy customers for the year April 2010 to March 2011

  • Coal – 27.9%
  • Gas – 5.7%
  • Nuclear – 61.8%
  • Renewable – 3.9%
  • Other – 0.7%

EDF Energy's generation fleet

EDF Energy runs two coal-fired power stations and eight nuclear power stations. In addition, EDF Energy Renewables operates 20 wind farms. A new combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station is under construction; four new nuclear reactors are planned at existing sites; and several wind farms, both onshore and offshore, are in the approval or planning stages. In addition, EDF Energy has agreed to invest £3 million in marine technology, which could harness the power of tidal currents using underwater turbines.

The company plans to build new power stations and is committed to investing in new technology which will deliver a diverse energy mix to help meet the UK’s energy needs in the future.

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