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EDF Energy's mission

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EDF Energy’s mission is to bring affordable, low-carbon energy solutions home to everyone. Many aspects of modern life currently depend on energy. Burning carbon-intensive fossil fuels cannot be considered a long-term sustainable solution to that energy need. EDF Energy’s experience of delivering low-carbon electricity on a national and global scale enables the company to help lead the UK into a low-carbon future.




EDF Energy takes a balanced view of business success based on a set of shared values and ambitions.

EDF Energy’s values are:

  • respect for individuals
  • respect for the environment
  • excellent performance
  • social responsibility
  • integrity.


The company’s ambitions are:

  • to achieve a zero harm record. All harm is preventable, so EDF Energy’s aim is zero harm. That means providing safe workplaces and ensuring that the public is not harmed by company operations
  • to be first choice for customers. EDF Energy strives to meet all its customers’ needs and get things right first time, every time. The company supports its more vulnerable customers and works with the Government to tackle the root causes of fuel poverty
  • to lead the way in nuclear power generation. Nuclear power has a key role to play in the UK’s energy mix: helping to address climate change while ensuring a secure and affordable energy supply. Through its parent company, EDF, and its acquisition of British Energy in 2009, EDF Energy has the expertise to deliver low-carbon nuclear for the UK
  • to deliver strong financial performance. Thanks to the hard work of its employees, generating and retaining about 5.5 million UK customers, EDF Energy continues to perform well financially
  • to be a leader in sustainability. Sustainability must be at the heart of any energy company’s long-term strategy. Through its sustainability commitments, EDF Energy aims to lead the way in tackling the biggest environmental and social issues facing the UK energy industry
  • to maintain a team of high performing people. EDF Energy helps its employees to understand their role in upholding the company’s values and ambitions, so they can feel a shared sense of ownership in it.

To achieve its ambitions, EDF Energy is looking to deliver a safe, socially responsible and competitive service that exceeds the expectations of its customers, staff, shareholders and communities.

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