EDF Energy Generation (NG)’s mission is ”Safe, reliable generation over extended life” and is sought within the framework of defined values that guide the behaviour of the organisation and everyone within it. Unplanned shutdown policy is incorporated within the Asset Management Policy (BEG/POL/012). 

The foundation of the Asset Management Policy is that nuclear safety is the overriding priority. Nuclear, radiological, environmental and industrial safety are placed before commercial gain.

Management systems

According to worldwide industry accepted best practice, the implementation of a rigorous process-based approach to plant operational management is an effective and robust means to ensure sustainably high safety and environmental performance including avoidance of Unplanned Shutdowns. Three of the most important processes are:

  • Work Management
  • Equipment Reliability
  • Nuclear Professionalism (human error prevention)

EDF Energy Generation (NG) has implemented Work Management best practices following the INPO guideline AP-928 and continues to implement best practices to support Equipment Reliability as described by INPO guideline AP-913.

Unplanned plant shut-downs performance

The unplanned automatic trip rate (UATR) is the number of unplanned automatic trips per 7,000 hours of operation as defined by the WANO. A low figure indicates that the reactor is controlled well within its safety limits and is operating reliably.

Increased focus has been given to equipment reliability to ensure that learning from unplanned automatic trips is embedded across the fleet. The overall UATR for all our nuclear stations at the end of the calendar year 2013 was 0.45.

Number of unplanned automatic trips per 7,000 hours of operation:

Torness nuclear power station under a clear blue sky

Nuclear plant status

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