The company as owner operator and licensee is responsible for ensuring the safe decommissioning of all of the nuclear power station sites. The company decommissioning policy, strategy and plans have evolved over a number of years and have been developed using multi-attribute decision analysis to ensure that the Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) is being pursued. The strategy and plans take due consideration of the nuclear, industrial and environmental safety implications. The company policy and strategy objective of decommissioning is to return the power station sites to a state suitable for unrestricted alternative use.

Management systems

Currently all spent fuel from the AGR is transferred off-site to Sellafield for long-term storage or reprocessing. For PWR (Sizewell B) the current long-term spent fuel management plans include a purpose built facility at the Sizewell site. The spent fuel will be stored on site until national facilities are available for off-site disposal of fuel.

Radioactive wastes that arise during decommissioning will either be stored or disposed of depending on the availability of appropriate disposal routes, in accordance with UK Government and Scottish Government policies, noting that radioactive wastes will be disposed of where a disposal route exists.

Performance data

EDF Energy has no nuclear power stations at the decommissioning phase. Once its plants cease operation and move into the decommissioning phase, EDF Energy will report on the progress of its decommissioning plans and the wastes arising from decommissioning activities. During the enactment of decommissioning, regular review and reporting of the actual waste inventory of arisings will include a comparison of the estimates used in planning the activities. This information will be used to refine subsequent estimates.

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