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Powering the London 2012 Games

Helping London 2012 shine brighter

Energy of the Nation

EDF is the Official Energy Utility Services Sponsor of London 2012 and will supply electricity to the Olympic Stadium, Olympic Park and Olympic Village during the Games.

As a major electricity supplier for London, EDF has made substantial investments to support a low carbon future for London. Take our energy-efficient lighting for Tower Bridge, for example, or our partnership with the EDF Energy London Eye. They’re part of our contribution towards a more sustainable city. Find out more here.

To showcase this role in powering the Games, a series of eye-catching images have been commissioned which shine a spotlight on the Olympic Park and the athletes aiming to take centre-stage there this summer, including Olympic champion Victoria Pendleton and Paralympic champion Ellie Simmonds.

So how is our Blue electricity for London 2012 low-carbon?

1. Electricity is generated from a variety of sources, including low-carbon nuclear power and renewables.
2. All electricity generated is transmitted through the National Grid and through the local distribution network.
3. And then supplied by us to the Olympic Park.
4. This means that the actual electricity coming into the Olympic Park cannot be physically identified as coming from a particular type of generation source.
5. Consumption on the Olympic Park is matched by electricity from low-carbon sources - a mixture of nuclear power and renewables.
6. Whilst we are not promising that the electricity the Olympic Park uses will have come directly from a low-carbon source, we will ensure that we obtain enough electricity generated from low-carbon sources to match every unit of electricity estimated to have been supplied to the Olympic Park. 80% of the low carbon electricity sourced to supply the Games will come from EDF Energy's existing nuclear fleet, with the remaining 20% coming from renewable generation assets.

And because it's important that our customers can trust us to supply London 2012 venues on the Olympic Park with electricity backed by low-carbon nuclear generation and renewables; we've appointed an external company to audit the controls over our low-carbon matching process.

Feel Better Energy

Feel Better Energy

EDF Energy is committed to being a better energy company and recently launched a set of customer commitments to underline this aspiration.

The launch film, 'Feel Better Energy,' introduces a new character to our screens - Zingy, a 'robot with rhythm'. Directed by Nick Gordon, the curvy little hero bounces, jiggles and dances on various electrical appliances throughout the house, grooving on an amp, shaking on a blender, riding a vacuum cleaner, all to the sounds of the 1980s electro-pop classic, 'Together in Electric Dreams'.

The highly technical little robot was originally designed by BeatBots, and he was taught to dance to different rhythms for this EDF Energy collaboration by robotics specialist Dr Marek Michalowski.

Nuclear Engagement Program

Nuclear Engagement Program

EDF Energy's new nuclear power stations will provide affordable large-scale low-carbon electricity to meet the UK's future energy needs.

EDF Energy is committed to helping bridge the potential energy gap through investment in an energy mix that balances the needs of low-carbon emissions, security of supply, and affordability. Nuclear power is the most affordable large-scale low-carbon energy source currently available to the UK.