Open and honest

We are working hard to be a better kind of energy company. That means we need to be honest about our challenges and about where we can improve what we do or how we operate.


Trust in energy companies has fallen

For the energy sector, there is deeper scrutiny because of mistrust of our actions and our motives. For us, that means openness, honesty and transparency are even more important to how we run our business. It also means we need to make promises clearly and make sure we deliver on these. Our Better Energy Ambitions make this a key theme for us and our Annual Sustainability Report shares what we are doing in more detail.

Competition inquiry

Ofgem refered the energy industry to the new Competition and Markets Authority

Although not welcomed by everyone, EDF Energy CEO Vincent de Rivaz first called for an independent competition inquiry in to the energy market in September 2011. We should expect that the assessment will have some critical comments to make about the energy market. We also know that an inquiry won’t restore trust by itself. However, it will be an important opportunity to show that we have nothing to hide and to prove to our customers that we have their best interests at heart, so that we can earn and retain their trust. We will report news on our website as any Inquiry progresses.

Rising costs

Rising costs affect everyone – so we have a responsibility to do everything we can to keep our costs down and ensure fair value across our services

The energy bill for a typical family has doubled to around £1,300 over the last ten years. EDF Energy has consistently championed the consumer – we were the cheapest major dual fuel supplier for 49 out of 52 weeks in 2013 at typical consumption, and offer industry-leading tariffs that freeze prices with no exit fees. We tell our customers when and where they could save more than £1 per week at typical consumption, even if it’s with a competitor. However, there is no room for complacency on cost. Reducing our own costs and challenging those of the sector must remain a priority for us and we must continue to ensure we deliver fair value for our customers.

Safety and security

The safety and security of our power generation sites is our top priority but not everyone agrees with how we need to generate the energy that society needs

This issue came to the fore in October 2012 when climate change protesters from the ‘No Dash For Gas’ environmental group entered our new Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power station at West Burton. Our decision to launch a civil claim for damages of £5 million caused considerable outcry from environmental campaigners, the public, customers and some of our key stakeholders. We know that we need to be better and more consistent at responding to events like this, and in engaging our wider stakeholders on what we do and how we operate. You can find out more in the Civil Society Dialogue section of our Annual Sustainability Report 2013.

Customer service

We need to do more to improve customer service and reduce complaints

The Customers ambition and performance section of our annual Sustainability Report highlights some of the achievements we have made on improving the services we offer and reducing complaints. We have made good progress and are top in our sector in some customer satisfaction measures. However, satisfaction scores for the sector as a whole are very low so we need to maintain our focus on better service and simplicity as well as ensuring fair value for all of our customers.

Climate change

The evidence for the human impact on climate change is overwhelming but tackling this is not a simple journey

The carbon intensity of our energy generation fluctuates each year as a result of annual energy demand and the availability and affordability of different types of generation. This will continue until new low-carbon and renewable generation comes online and at scale. It is why investment in low-carbon and renewable technology and infrastructure must be a priority for the UK. As the largest producer of low-carbon power in the UK, and with ambitious goals to cut emissions even further, we are uniquely placed to play a key role in this challenge but a strong investment framework and long-term vision for the UK is needed.

We are working with the Met Office and the University of Exeter on Climate & Us, a website which offers information about the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change, with a particular focus on the UK.

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Annual Sustainability Report

Our report introduces and provides an overview of our Better Energy Ambitions.

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Awards and achievements

We have a long track record in sustainability and responsible business which has been recognised and endorsed by many different organisations.

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