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Our Mission:  ‘To bring affordable low carbon energy solutions home to everyone’

Our Ambitions: Everyone at EDF Energy knows our focus is to lead the change in energy and each of us has a significant role to play in achieving our business goal: to bring affordable, low-carbon energy solutions home to everyone.

We are already making progress in achieving this goal, delivering against our six ambitions as a business. 

To achieve a world-class, zero harm safety record »

We believe that all harm is preventable, so our aim is zero harm.

To deliver consistently strong financial performance »

We continue to deliver strong financial performance for our shareholders and EDF Group.

To be first choice for customers »

We are a customer focused business that strives to provide affordable services that meet all of our customers’ needs.

To be a leader in sustainability »

We are certain that sustainability must be at the heart of our long-term strategy.

To have high performing people »

Our ambition of having high performing people means we actively engage with our employees on what we do and how we do it.

To lead the way in nuclear power generation »

We believe that nuclear power has a key role to play in helping to address climate change