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We buy gas to supply our gas customers through a diversified contract portfolio

Our trading arm, EDF Trading, buys imported coal and forward gas (future gas purchase options) for us. We’ve integrated sustainability assessments (to formally assess all energy trading counterparties) into our standard risk management systems. These are based on the UN Global Compact social and environmental criteria and undertaken by a specialist organisation, Innovest Strategic Value Investors Ltd. We work closely with Innovest, particularly if they highlight areas of concern.

EDF Energy has developed and is in the process of delivering a fast cycle gas storage facility alongside EDF Trading’s existing Hole House gas storage facility in Cheshire. Two cavities with a total capacity of 9.6 million therms have been commissioned with commercial operation commencing in 2013. Up to eight additional cavities could be commissioned between now and 2017.

EDF Energy: a brief history of acquisitions and mergers

  • London Electricity, merged - November 1998
  • SWEB supply business, merged - July 1999
  • Sutton Bridge Power Station, acquired - April 2000
  • Cottam Power Station, acquired - December 2000
  • West Burton Power Station, acquired- December 2001
  • EPN Distribution, merged - January 2002
  • SEEBoard, merged- July 2002
  • British Energy, acquired - January 2009
  • Sale of UK electricity distribution networks and non-regulated network activities to Cheung Kong Group – October 2010
  • Sutton Bridge Power Station, divested – March 2013