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Organisational culture
Having the right organisational culture in place will
play a big part in achieving excellence during the
Hinkley Point C project and all of us will play a
part in achieving a safe nuclear future.
The safety of our future nuclear power station
depends on the quality of the work we do today and
although we might already have quality standards and
organisational processes in place, it is the culture of the
organisation that will ultimately define how rigorously
those standards are implemented.
Getting it right first time is relevant in all phases of
the project and it starts with having the right design
which meets the requirements of the safety case.
Getting it right first time requires the application
of robust standards supported by a culture which
demands excellence.
Even the simplest of construction projects or the most
basic of designs might ultimately play its part in the
success or failure of the future operating nuclear
power station. Future nuclear safety will in part be
dependent on the quality of the work we do today
and our job now is to minimise the introduction
of errors into the finished product. To achieve
this we have introduced a programme of cultural
development which supports manufacturing and
construction excellence.
We recognise that people are fallible and that
individuals are influenced by the organisational
culture and processes that surround them.
Our aim is to develop organisation culture in line
with internationally recognised standards for nuclear
safety. We do this by providing knowledge, tools and
techniques for leaders and individuals so that they can
achieve the highest possible standards of safety and
quality and thus support future nuclear safety.
We have developed a “Nuclear Safety Culture” policy
which outlines the key values and behaviours that we
as the client will operate to, and as part of our supply
chain, our expectations are that you will develop your
organisational culture to the same standards, and
influence your sub-tier supply chains to do the same.
Cascading these principles through the supply chain is
key to embedding a strong and united organisational
culture for the project.
As a “Nuclear Site Licensee”, we are regulated
by a number of external bodies, including:
ONR (Office of Nuclear Regulation)
EA (Environmental Agency)
OCNS (Office of Civil and Nuclear Security)
The role of the respective regulators is to ensure
that the Hinkley Point C Project performs its activities
within a suite of rules or conditions. These rules and
conditions are set down by Government to ensure
that the safety, security, and environment of the
plant, people, community and nation as a whole
are protected.
Each regulator places conditions on the licensee
to control the work and activities we undertake,
and it is important that the HPC supply chain
understand the role of the regulators and the
obligations placed on us by the regulators,
as some of these requirements will be cascaded
into the supply chain via contractual conditions.
For more information on the role of these regulators
please review the “Need help?” section of this booklet.
So now you have experienced “The Hinkley Point C
Supply Chain Journey”. We have explained the stages
and the requirements and expectations placed on
the supply chain, and what it’s like to be a supplier
in this exciting market sector.
The nuclear sector is entering a renaissance period,
and through working with us, our project will help
your organisation to grow your skills and experience
in the nuclear sector.
So now it’s over to you. Are you ready for the journey?
We hope so, and look forward to engaging with you
in the future, as we move forwards on this exciting
and ground breaking journey.
Be part of it!