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We think continual environmental improvement is as important as any other business objective. We’ve implemented ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems in many of our power plants to help achieve this.

As we use coal and gas to produce electricity in this country, any changes we make will make a big difference to the UK’s carbon footprint. We know that millions depend on us to provide reliable, affordable energy. For this we need a diverse range of energy sources, including renewables and nuclear power. We also provide ways for our customers to play their part too. Using energy more efficiently is the surest way to reduce costs to our customers and to the planet. 

Government energy review »

We welcomed the publication of the Energy Bill on November 29, 2012 which will implement the key aspects of Electricity Market Reform as articulated in the 2011 White Paper.

Climate change challenge »

How can we create affordable, secure, low-carbon energy in the long term?